Zoho Mail's Admin reports: A report for every need

“Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a free-way.” — Geoffrey Moore.

Managing an entire organization's email environment is no simple task. With so many users, it’s challenging to make reasonable business decisions without a proper analysis of your email data. To understand that data, it’s imperative to convert it into information and then convert the information into insights.
admin reports

This is where Zoho Mail's admin reports come in handy—you’ll discover how the storage is being used by each user, evaluate your incoming and outgoing email traffic, audit email logs, and much more. It helps you evaluate, monitor, and manage all of your data by generating reports to keep it structured and within reach.

Let’s dive in and explore what features are available in Zoho Mail's admin reports.

All-in-one admin reports dashboard

Zoho Mail has made admin reports more user-friendly by including a variety of readily available reports right in the dashboard. The dashboard provides access to all of the crucial data required to assess your organization's email usage.

Experience data-centric email statistics in both graphical and summary views. Customize and re-arrange the dashboard with reports of your choice using the “Customize organization dashboard” option.

A report for every need

Every organization has different data requirements. Some may need their audit reports for compliance reasons, while others might require their storage reports for better utilization of resources. Whatever your need is, we’ve got you covered.

Zoho Mail’s admin reports offer a huge array of reports. These reports can be viewed, searched for, and exported when you need them. Some of these reports include:

  • User account reports, which include user summary reports, role summary reports, email forwarding summary reports, and account status reports.
  • Mailbox reports, which include storage reports, delegation reports, protocol reports, and active-sync reports.
  • Email statistics reports contain outgoing and incoming traffic reports, domain traffic reports, spam reports, etc.
  • Compliance reports contain DMARC success and failure reports, and forwarders reports.
  • Logs reports include mail logs report and audit logs report.
  • The groups report contains the group summary report, group status reports, and group traffic reports.

A lot of reports, indeed! As an administrator, you won’t require all of these reports on a regular basis. The “Favorite reports" section allows you to group together and analyze all of the reports you frequently use by marking them as favorites.

To better understand how email reports work, let’s look at a few instances of how you might use the reporting features in the Zoho Mail admin reports.

Example 1: Utilizing the user accounts report

The user account report gives you insight into the email usage of every user in the organization. It provides extensive information on each user, including their last login time, the groups they’re part of, the email protocols that have been enabled, the storage they utilize, and more.

Example 2: Reviewing the storage requirements

As the organization's administrator, you might want to be aware of each user's storage needs when renewing their email licenses. You can determine how much storage each user requires by looking at the storage details report, which shows you how much storage each user uses on average, and where the most storage is consumed.

Example 3: Auditing activities

When there are multiple admins in an organization, it can be difficult to identify who performed what task and when. The audit logs admin activity report lists each admin activity, no matter how trivial or insignificant, with the exact time it was done and from which IP address the activity was done.

More can be done with the amount of data you can access from admin reports. Zoho Mail offers so much more than simply email. Admin reports will give you a clear set of metrics to understand email utilization as a communication platform by your users, and they’ll help you make well-informed decisions related to the email service.

If you’d like to explore more on the enhanced and revamped admin reports in Zoho Mail, take a look at our user guides and also our recorded webinar, “Email analytics at your fingertips,” to learn more.

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