Introducing Zoho Inventory - Managing orders has never been this easy

For most small business owners—both retailers and online sellers—simultaneously managing a large number of orders can be time-consuming. Everything from making purchases to keeping track of stock and ultimately fulfilling orders can be a nightmare; especially, if you're using a manual and inefficient process.

Fortunately, we have a solution. You can now simplify your order and inventory process and grow your business with the newest Zoho app, Zoho Inventory.


A lot of businesses that sell physical goods require a system to keep track of their orders and stock. Along with handling your CRM and accounting needs, our new inventory management software is the perfect addition to our growing suite of finance apps. With Zoho Inventory (and the other Zoho apps), you can now streamline operations and run a more efficient business. 

Zoho Inventory offers a combination of powerful features that makes the entire ordermanagement cycle as effortless as possible.

 Increase your selling channels

With the e-Commerce industry growing rapidly, adding more online selling channels makes perfect sense to increase your revenue. The problem is that there are hundreds of other people having ready access to the same resources and targeting the same audience as yours. We integrate with Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Etsy, so you can expand your sales opportunities and also easily manage the orders from different channels.

Dashboard- ZohoInventory

Optimize your stock levels

With Zoho Inventory, you'll never run out of your most popular product again. Receive notifications when items are running low using the automatic reordering feature. So, you'll never lose out on another sale due to untimely stock-outs. You can get clear insights from the powerful inventory reports so you never under-stock or overstock again.

Centralized Inventory

 With Zoho Inventory, you only have to enter information into your system once. As stock comes in and out, your inventory quantities automatically update across all your selling channels. Also, you can finally stop losing sales due to incorrect listings. Any change made in one channel will be reflected across in all other channels. When everything's in sync, there's no margin for error! 


Keep track of orders and shipments

 Know which orders require immediate attention and fulfill them promptly. Zoho Inventory caters to the needs of businesses that drop-ship as well. With over 25 shipping service integrations, you can receive real-time shipping rates, as well as the latest in-transit info. You can also receive notifications when the shipment has been delivered and it gets automatically updated in your Zoho Inventory account.

 Integrated with Zoho Books and CRM

 Say goodbye to double entries and manual errors. Thanks to the tight integration between Zoho Inventory, Zoho Books and Zoho CRM, you can now bring all your inventory, orders, shipments, finances and customers under one roof.

Your finance department can intelligently allocate resources for purchases with the knowledge of sales reports, cashflow, stock availability and profits. And, your sales staff can provide your customers better service by knowing product availability, pricing and shipment details. 

Mobile App

Zoho Inventory comes with a mobile app with which users can keep track of orders, inventory and shipments right from their mobile. It is constant sync with the web-app and you can get instant updates even when you are away from your computer. You can download the mobile app here.



Zoho Inventory offers four flexible plans. You can try any plan free for 14 days. All plans feature the Professional plan of Zoho Books and the mobile app. For more details on pricing plans and comparison, visit this page.


Zoho Inventory automates your daily tasks, and with its powerful features and integrations, you get to spend more time on your business rather than the ritual of inventory management.

Interested? Drop in a comment or even better, register for a 14-day free trial. Take it for a spin and tell us your thoughts. We're all ears.


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