Cliq your way to HR success: Simplifying recruitment with Zoho Cliq

A good chess player knows that every move counts in a high-stakes match. Timing is crucial, and achieving victory depends on making the right moves at the right time. The same can be said for the recruitment process; however, in recruitment, the game isn't just about strategy—it also requires efficiency and speed.

With the Zoho Recruit and Zoho Cliq integration, recruiters can make their moves with precision. Timely updates are made with a similar swiftness to a chess player's moves as the clock ticks down. Recruiters work in collaboration with the hiring managers and employees to make quick decisions. The final move—a great hire—signals the moment of victory for the recruitment team.

Let's look at how the integration of Zoho Recruit with Zoho Cliq empowers recruiters to make decisions and communicate instantly. 

The power of integrations: Streamlining recruitment with Zoho Cliq 

Zoho Recruit is a comprehensive recruitment software solution that helps recruiters manage the hiring process for businesses of all sizes. It offers a range of features to help HR teams attract, track, and hire top talent effectively. 

The Zoho Recruit integration with Zoho Cliq provides users a flexible and customizable solution for their recruitment needs. Employees can suggest candidates, recruiters can schedule interviews, and hiring managers can be promptly notified through Zoho Cliq channels. This integration helps recruiters collaborate better, minimizes manual tasks, and accelerates the hiring process.

Here are some of the benefits of the integration: 

1. Receive instant notifications for new job openings 

2. Refer candidates directly from Zoho Cliq 

3. Get timely updates about scheduled interviews 

4. Track the status of your referrals

5. Monitor the status of offers sent to candidates

1. Receive instant notifications for new job openings  

Whenever a new job opening is posted in Zoho Recruit, it automatically appears in an announcement channel in Zoho Cliq. This keeps every member of the organization informed.

2. Refer candidates directly from Zoho Cliq  

Employees can refer suitable candidates directly from the Zoho Cliq conversation for these openings, fostering a culture of internal recruitment and employee engagement.

3. Get timely updates about scheduled interviews 

Once candidates are associated with specific openings, the recruitment team can efficiently schedule interviews and notify relevant managers through Zoho Cliq channels. This facilitates smooth communication and collaboration throughout the hiring journey.

4. Track the status of your referrals  

Additionally, employees can track the status of their referrals, while managers gain visibility into open positions that have remained unfilled for extended periods.

5. Monitor the status of offers sent to candidates 

Finally, when a candidate accepts an offer, the manager receives an instant notification in Zoho Cliq, allowing for prompt follow-up and seamless onboarding.

With the Zoho Cliq and Recruit integration, organizations can enhance efficiency, improve communication, and ultimately build stronger teams.

In a nutshell 

Organizations can overcome the hurdles of inefficient data sharing and communication gaps through automated notifications, efficient scheduling, and real-time tracking, leading to faster hiring cycles and more effective teams. The Zoho Cliq and Recruit integration helps HR professionals easily navigate the complexities of modern recruitment, empowering them to focus on what truly matters: building a talented and thriving workforce.

The workflows described above come with the integration, and a few are custom-built. To set up a custom solution like this for your recruitment team, please email us (


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