How Zoho Cliq has scaled above and beyond to suit the business needs of enterprises

The cloud communication platform market is currently flooded with ample applications offering businesses tools to collaborate day-in and day-out. While these cloud communication platforms enable businesses to operate out of any nook and corner, every platform cannot fit the needs of every business. While an ordinary platform might do the job for a business that's just starting out, when considering big entities like enterprises, there's a lot more that comes into play.

Enterprise communication is not just limited to basic communication tools like chat, audio and video meetings, and task management. While promoting internal communication without silos, the communication platform should also facilitate external communication with vendors, partners, and other stakeholders. Moreover, the platform should be highly scalable, secure, and customizable to cater to the needs of a robust enterprise. It should also include advanced admin controls for efficient management of sensitive information.

From just a chat app to a fully-grown enterprise collaboration platform

What started as Zoho Chat, an instant messaging service in 2007, underwent a huge makeover, and was relaunched as Zoho Cliq in 2017. This new phase of Zoho Cliq was aimed at promoting business collaboration in organizations with chats, calls, tasks, and reminders. 

Cliq got a major upgrade in 2020 to accommodate the demands of remote work due to COVID, where the UI mimicked an office setup and enabled teams to communicate effectively. Soon, in the subsequent years 2021, 2022, and 2023, Cliq launched hybrid work features, networks for external collaboration, and smart work features like a built-in phone system to boost business communication. 

With the recent release of Zoho Cliq 5.0, we have incorporated enterprise-centered features like eDiscovery, audit logs, usage reports, centralized channel management, and several other AI-enhanced updates to make work a breeze.

Zoho Cliq's enterprise readiness

Enterprises need better access controls and tight security measures to protect and safeguard their data. Since communication apps handle sensitive information on a day-to-day basis, opting for a tool equipped with compliance, security, and advanced admin control tools will improve the overall experience.

With this in mind, Zoho Cliq has been working towards making the platform more enterprise-ready. Our pricing was also tailored to benefit enterprises, with our recent enterprise plan being one of the most cost-effective options for organizations looking for a robust collaboration platform. Besides making our pricing plans enterprise-friendly, we also made significant changes to our features to suit their requirements.

Compliance and audit

Data is the most valuable entity. Proper access and retrieval of data is paramount. Considering compliance audits, lawsuits, and intellectual property theft are critical issues that an enterprise might encounter, eDiscovery and data retention policies were introduced to quickly locate and provide necessary evidence for support during such events. Apart from this, audit logs provide a detailed record of the changes that were made by users in the organization and usage reports give a detailed analysis of how the features are being used by the employees providing enough information to track activity. 


An organization should be ready to combat threats as and when they occur, but what's more crucial are the steps taken to avoid threats. That is where security comes into play. 

With Zoho Cliq's organizational policies and role-based access controls in the admin panel, admins can manage how information is being handled in the organization and ensure it stays within the right hands. To further restrict employees from accessing Cliq from unsupervised devices or IP addresses, deploy mobile device management or secure access via specific IPs only. In addition to all this, Cliq provides data encryption at rest and in transit, thus safeguarding all information.

Organized collaboration 

Enterprises are often huge businesses employing thousands of employees. This calls for an organized setup where the admins can take better control of how data is distributed across various users and departments in the organization. This is possible with Cliq. Take complete control of all the channels and exercise permissions based on the role of the employee and define how internal apps are being handled inside the organization.

Admins can also customize Cliq with a personalized domain, favicon, or logo, or limit the usage of certain modules from the admin panel. To segregate internal and external communication and maintain the privacy and security of information shared on both platforms, admins can create dedicated networks for communication with various external stakeholders and ensure information shared in the particular network stays within and is not shared across networks.

Moreover, keeping the employee strength of enterprises in mind, Cliq supports large-scale virtual conferencing and event management through live events. Conduct events online for up to 10,000 participants effortlessly. A smart conference room solution called the Cliq Rooms app is also available for enterprises where meetings can be scheduled and handled across different conference rooms, not limited by location, in the organization.

A customer-first approach

While Cliq has been steadily working on features centered on enterprises, one thing has always been a top-most priority—a customer-first approach. Cliq's customer support team is always there to assist customers through various platforms. We are just an email, live chat, or call away.

 "We thought onboarding 1,000+ employees into Cliq would be a daunting task, but with the help of your product support team, we were able to do that seamlessly." 

 - Sudhakaran, Manager - IT and Procurement, Starmark Software 

Watch this video to find out how Starmark Software leveraged Cliq's capabilities to streamline their business communication and improve productivity. You can also read their detailed case study.

If you are an enterprise looking to try out Zoho Cliq, feel free to email us at and our team can help you!


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