Trends you should look out for the rest of 2023

If you aren't already, these are 5 of the trends we think your business should be keeping a close eye on to remain competitive and relevant this year.

Revenue through TikTok 

According to Statista, “TikTok generated $4.0 billion in advertising revenue in 2021, a figure that is expected to double by 2024 and triple by 2026.” The TikTok for Business Trends Report indicates that the reason why this channel is performing so well is because users feel understood, and that their spirits are lifted after spending time on the platform. It's interesting to note that "92% of users felt a positive emotion after seeing a video that ultimately resulted in an off-platform action."

We may be late to the party, but you know what they say—better late than never. So yes, Zoho MEA is now on TikTok and we couldn't be more excited!

Check out our channel here.

Going local to scale globally

A recent article by Forbes suggests that, when expanding to new markets, it's crucial to hire locals and partner with local companies to "accelerate your understanding of linguistic and regional nuances." To be relatable and relevant to the new markets you enter, it's a good idea to implement country-specific programs that consider cultural differences, rather than just copying and pasting your existing campaigns or projects that have worked elsewhere.

We couldn't agree more, and have adopted Transnational Localism as we expand around the world. For more insights into our approach to global growth, watch this interview with the president of Zoho MEA, Hyther Nizam.

Micro-influencers for more impact 

This year, the popularity of micro-influencers is expected to rise, as the demand for personalized niche content increases. According to Forbes, micro-influencers give "brands the opportunity for organic targeting." By partnering with micro-influencers who already have an engaged following that align with your brand values, your content will naturally be better received and create a more authentic impact.

People-centric organizations 

Prioritizing the overall well-being and experience of employees is a positive trend that's anticipated to increase this year. Over the last 25+ years at Zoho, we've seen that human resources are the backbone of the company, and without our #ZohoFamily we would be nothing. We strongly believe that a workforce that's treated with respect will result in a more successful company. For more insights on our company culture and values, head here.

Gamified marketing 

Within virtual worlds and advanced artificial intelligence on the rise, gamification holds enormous potential. Hence, forward-thinking companies are utilizing gamification more and more to increase their engagement rates. The psychology behind gamification is the idea that people respond well to getting a reward. Naturally, people are more inclined to participate in a campaign if there's an opportunity to compete and win. I mean, who doesn't love a game, right?

We encourage you take time and think about how you can increase interaction with your audience in the most interesting ways.

There are constantly developments happening that will affect your business, so stay on top of the latest industry news, so you don't miss out on capitalizing on a current trend.


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  1. Thanks for writing this article , it is true that influencer are effectively giving organic traffic to your website which increase your sells rate , so we should always follow trend for sustainable business growth . our company very much focused on ZOHO products . and gets very good review from customers.

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