Build Effective Feedback Forms: Fields for Insightful Feedback

Accepting feedback is the first step towards growing your business. We may not be able to see how our end users like our product or services if we do not ask for feedback. Receiving feedback on your service or events from customers as well as your own organization will help you improve in areas that you may overlook, bringing you one step closer to your goals.

When we think of feedback, the first thing that comes to mind is measuring people's opinions.

Zoho Forms offers a number of fields that can help you get feedback in different formats.


Rating field example

Rating field is available in the Basic Fields section of your form builder. Using the Rating field is one of the simplest and easiest ways to capture feedback and get the indications of user opinions in a standardized manner that can be compared easily. It involves the display of a range of icons where the respondents can choose the number of icons to indicate their level of satisfaction or agreement. The opposite ends of a rating scale indicate contrary responses and the respondents can provide their rating with a simple set of icons.

You can choose the Rating icon to be:

  • Star
  • Lightning
  • Shield
  • Heart
  • Flag
  • Bulb

You can also choose the number of these icons on your live form from 1 to 10. For example, if you choose 5, 5 icons will be available to rate your service on a scale of 1 to 5.

You can customize the style and size of the Rating field, choose the border and color for selected and unselected parts of the field under Themes > Create from Scratch > Form Tab > Fields > Rating.

You can redirect your respondents to different Thank You pages based on the rating they provide with conditional rules.


Slider field is available in the Basic Fields section of your form builder which allows your users to choose a number value on a slider scale by clicking and dragging the pointer on the slider.

Slider field

You can set the minimum and the maximum values that the the user can select on the slider under Range and a unit of measurement for the values that will be displayed next to the min and max values on the slider scale.

You can also provide a Step Value which determines the step size for each increment in the pointer's position on the slider.

Slider field properties


This field is specifically useful when you only need one response from your respondent from a list of options.

You can also include an option Other in case the user does not see their preferred option in your list. You will also have the choice to display the options in columns.