Take Your Work to the Next Level With Zoho Apps in iOS 16

Zoho applications tightly integrate with Apple technologies in iPhones and iPads to give a great user experience. We always adapt Apple's new technologies as early as they're available to add value to our apps. It's no different today!

iOS 16 launched today, and a bunch of updated Zoho apps adopting iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are also available in the App Store now. Focus Filters, SharePlay, Lock Screen widgets, and Live Text are just a few of the technologies that our apps have embraced this time. Let's see further how each of our apps has welcomed these technologies to their fullest potential.

Passkeys, Focus Filters, Live Text, and more for Zoho OneAuth 

Zoho OneAuth, the multi-factor authentication app from Zoho, helps you secure all of your online accounts. Zoho OneAuth's updates for iOS16 make it easier to manually add new OTP accounts, and edit existing ones, to access your OTPs, and to manage multiple accounts on your Apple devices. The new update takes Zoho OneAuth integration with Apple to the next level.

Experience the new iOS in OneAuth with these exciting features: 

  • Passkeys: Enhances your login experience across all Zoho apps.
  • Watch Face widgets: Gets you the right OTPs directly from your Apple watch.
  • Focus Filters: Allows you to associate the appropriate Zoho account for each Focus mode.
  • Live Text: Enables you to easily add 2FA accounts by reading information from web pages and documents.
  • Lock Screen widget: Gets you the OTPs quickly to help you log in to your accounts.
  • Quick Notes: Lets you intuitively edit 2FA accounts with seamless deep linking.

Learn more about iOS16 for Zoho OneAuth

Signing made easy with Quick Notes, Lock Screen widgets, Document Scanner, and more in iOS 16 

Zoho Sign, our digital signature application, aims to enhance the overall experience of users who rely on their mobile devices for day-to-day paperwork. For better interaction between users and our app, we've updated our Zoho Sign application to the latest version of iOS.

Users can now add pending documents that require a signature to Quick Notes and access them directly from there. With the new multi-layered customization options, users can personalize their Lock Screen widgets for initiating the document-signing process, viewing documents that need their signature, and much more.

You can also customize Zoho Sign app behavior based on Focus Mode by providing filters for each focus with dark or light mode. Another noteworthy update is that you can set up new conversational Siri shortcuts in your iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 to perform various actions.

For those who might not have documents readily accessible on their device, our enhanced document scanner update is a life-saver. Download the app to try the new version. You can find the link to the updated app here.

Find your sales groove with  Intelligence, Focus Filters, Room Plan, and more on iOS 16

This year, new tools and features for Bigin on iOS 16 make the iPhone even more suitable for business use. With Lock Screen widgets, you can display critical information on the very first screen, like your schedule of activities for the day, the status of a pending deal, and more.

Plus, we've found that being able to check the weather forecast while setting up upcoming events can better prepare our users for what lies ahead.

Now, while Focus is on, you can use Filters to customize Bigin to open with your preferred theme, notification settings, and list view, so that you can start working right away.

What's more, our users in real estate can send a 3D room plan to potential buyers, giving them an advantage over realtors who simply show 2D photos and videos.

And that's not all. Bigin takes full advantage of Apple's on-device intelligence to give you more exciting functionality. To see these features in action, head over to our dedicated page.

Email marketing made easier with Lock Screen widgets and Live Text 

With the latest iOS 16 update, drafting an email template is even faster. You can now effortlessly edit email content by copying and pasting text from your camera or your pictures/videos. Moreover, once the campaign is scheduled, keep track of the emails and view their open rates, clicks, and other metrics by adding widgets to your Lock Screen. You can have everything up and running with just a tap! Check it out now

Lock Screen widgets, Live Activities, and more for Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice (iOS 16) 

The iOS 16 update has brought with it a handful of new features to help you make efficient use of our apps on your iPhone.

You no longer have to navigate to the app to create time sheets and invoices or record your project hours. By setting up Lock Screen widgets on your iPhone, you can skip the extra taps and perform these actions directly from your lock screen.

Based on the announcement from Apple, we'll be adding the new Live Activities feature later this year to give you another way to view your project timer just by glancing at your iPhone. We've also introduced Apple Watch complications so you can start and stop a project timer from the Watch app. This feature also syncs the time log with your iOS app automatically. You can use Apple Watch Complications from next week. Plus, with the App Shortcuts feature, you can have Siri perform a few functions for you.

The enhanced Live Text feature lets you copy details from your uploaded receipts. You can then paste them into the expense creation forms to create expense reports quickly. And the last iOS update for the year is Quick Notes, which lets you jot down your ideas while using the app so you can revisit them later.

Weather Kit, Lock Screen Widgets, and more for Zoho Expense (iOS 16)  

Plan safe business trips with Zoho Expense by staying up-to-date on the weather for your travel days. You can now track mileage directly from your Lock Screen by simply adding the mileage tracker widget and activating it whenever you need it. When you create a mileage expense, the tracked mileage will be auto-filled. Similarly, you can use the new Apple Watch complications feature to track mileage directly from your Apple Watch. This feature will be available for use by next week.

With App Shortcuts, you can now ask Siri to perform specific actions like opening a new report or uploading a receipt. An exciting part of the update is that, Quick Notes, once an iPad-exclusive feature is now available for iPhone, so you can take notes while using the app.

Lock Screen widgets, a Live Text feature, all-new Focus Filters, and Quick Notes in the all new iOS 16 for Zoho One

Things are much more exciting with this year's new iOS 16 updates. The new enhanced Zoho One mobile app is a powerhouse of functionality. It is packed with the ability to manage multiple users and profiles right from your mobile screen. The Zoho One app now keeps you updated with key data on your iPhone, enhancing its viability for better business use. Let's begin with our all-new Lock Screen widgets. Users will no longer have to navigate through the app to get key business insights. Now, you'll be able to select from an ensemble of circular and rectangular Lock Screen widgets that display key information about your business. Just tap, drag, and drop the widgets to your Lock Screen and you're good to go.

Another interesting update coming your way with iOS 16 is the Live Text feature within the Zoho One app. You'll no longer have to manually enter all the details to add a new user to your organization. You can now save time by capturing details directly from documents or web pages by simply pointing your camera at it.

If you thought that we were almost done, just wait! The new Focus Filter is an amazing update for every user who loves personalization. If you're someone who has multiple organization profiles associated with your Zoho One account, you can use the new Focus Filter feature to switch between different organizations easily, depending on your focus mode.

Finally, the niftiest update of them all is Apple’s Quick Notes. Navigate through your app for key user data and performance metrics, and add a quick note along with the app link which will lead you directly to the specified data. To experience these features in action, update to the latest version of the app.

Create a contextually aware workforce identity with iOS  16's Focus Filters, Quick Notes, and more for Zoho Directory 

Zoho Directory is a secure platform designed for your workforce identity and access management needs.

The iOS 16 update lets you conveniently access key stats of your users within the app directly from your Lock Screen. It also automatically switches to appropriate profiles, and you can easily manage multiple organizations.

We believe these updates, a result of deep integration with iOS, will enable IT admins in your organization to create a more robust workforce identity.

  • Focus Filters: Decide which organization the app should switch to in different Focus modes.
  • Live Text: Speed up the manual entry of new user information by scanning it using Live Text directly from web pages or documents.
  • Lock Screen widget: Take a glimpse at the key stats of your organization right from your Lock Screen.
  • Quick Notes: Add a quick note along with in-app links and access required data directly from the note.

Upgrade to the latest version of the app.

Boost Your Productivity with Apple's Focus Filters, Live Text, SharePlay, and More  using Notebook

Now, you can access notes from your Lock Screen widgets with circular, rectangular, and inline widgets to view and create notes, share Checklist Cards during FaceTime using SharePlay, and make edits with the help of your peers and save the changes with you.

You can apply Focus Filters in your Notebook app by setting customized themes like light/dark mode, font sizes, image scaling sizes, default color to notes, and default notebook. You can also save photos to your Gallery in Focus Mode.

Extract text from images from your Text and Photo Cards to copy any content without hassle, search for text in your Text Cards on your device's keypad, and check out your words any time. With the help of Siri, you can now add shortcuts with zero user set up and also access them from your Home Screen. Create Photo Cards on your Apple Watch and add images using the Photo Picker option.

Get ready for a hassle-free scanning experience with Doc Scanner in iOS 16 

With Doc Scanner's new updates with iOS 16, you can easily access your documents from your iPhone's Lock Screen with circular, rectangular, and inline widgets. Manage your app's behavior by applying Focus Filters, setting themes like light/dark mode and default color in Focus Mode.

Now, it's possible to extract live text from any image that you add to your documents, and you can find and replace text in your documents from your iPhone's keypad in no time. Quickly attach a document to your note with Quick Notes in the Doc Scanner app and smoothly link your documents to your notes to make it a single view.

Oversee your day-to-day HR activities seamlessly with Zoho People for iOS 16 

Following the latest iOS 16 updates, you can now manage HR operations seamlessly. With one of our recent updates, it's now possible to complete key HR functions right from your iPhone's Lock Screen by adding the desired widgets.

You can conveniently take a look at your upcoming holidays, apply for leave, and more, all without having to navigate to your Home Screen. In another update, we've incorporated app intents so that you can quickly fetch information like time logs, open tasks, and pending jobs from multiple places on your iPhone. You can simply ask Siri to find the desired actions under the Shortcuts app, or search for them in Spotlight.

We have also introduced the Live Text feature as part of our learning management system, which allows learners to scan and grab text from images, videos, and presentations and add them to the Notes tab under each course.

More power to our email admins now! 

If you're the email administrator for your organization, we're sure you have a lot to handle, manage, and foresee! New updates are here to make the job easier for you. You'll have useful widgets like user count and storage consumed right on your Lock Screen, so that when you want to know more, one tap is all it takes.

We've also brought comprehensive reports to the iOS app to delight the number cruncher in you. Even better, you can pin these reports as widgets for a quick glance whenever you want!

Let WorkDrive make your work and file sharing easier 

We're excited to introduce Live Text for WorkDrive. Now, you can copy text from images, screenshots, and PDFs to use on the go. Save notes, make calls, send emails, and access websites by extracting information from images and other files from your iPhone.

With the App Clip for WorkDrive, you can enhance your file-sharing experience. Let your clients and stakeholders preview files instantly and enjoy the rich user experience like a native mobile app.

You know that we're not going to stop making your work better with our apps. We always try our best to provide you with more exciting features with each iOS update. We hope you enjoy these advanced and handy updates on our apps with Apple's technology. Please leave your comments for any suggestions or feedback below!


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  1. Cool zoho apps for IOS. Nice features that come in handy to help alleviate issues of work management. Good read ! Neatly made content, has the exact vibe needed to induce curiosity factor and pull readers to go for it.

    1. Hey Preethi! Thanks for your encouraging words. Please follow us for more handy updates and get to know the collaboration with Apple on our apps.

  2. Great.OneAuth will be a best App in-line with iOS 16. Contents detailed here can be clearly pictured and would love to use Zoho App to explore the features.Thank you so much for the wonderful content sharing.

    1. Hi Senthil, Of course, OneAuth is one of the best apps paired with iOS 16 and we're always happy to provide you such apps with Apple's technology. Thank you for your appreciation! Please keep following us for more updates.

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