Announcing Zoho Pulse –– A Private Social Network for your business

Today is a special day for us at Zoho. We’re excited to unveil our new robust addition to the range of products at Zoho. Introducing Zoho Pulse –– a private social network for businesses.

Zoho Pulse is a secure workspace that enhances internal collaboration and communication among employees. It is a place on the cloud, that can serve as a virtual water-cooler and keep employees informed about company-related activities. It boosts productivity of employees, by giving them a podium to get their grey cells working on solutions that can bring mind-blowing outputs. Zoho Pulse is a great platform for employees to foster focused groups and share ideas, and thereby companies can promote inventiveness through engagement.

Pulse can change the way you work.

Zoho Pulse, your enterprise social network

1. Post and Feeds:
Zoho Pulse is a social workspace because employees can ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ ideas or posts made by their co-workers. Company stream makes it easier for all employees to stay on the same page in real time.

2. Inbox:
Zoho Pulse is all about having information in one place. Inbox acts as that information center where you can track private messages, @mentions and notifications.

3. Groups:
Bringing people with shared goals and different expertise is easy by creating Groups. Groups on Zoho Pulse act like virtual teams for working together. You can break down silos and form cross-functional groups too.

4. People Directory:
People Directory makes it easier to connect instantly with the right expertise within the organization.

5. Custom Application Builder:
Zoho Pulse offers Custom Applications, powered by Zoho Creator, allowing business and groups to create business/group specific applications.

6. Document Management:
It brings powerful Document Management functionality, powered by Zoho Docs.

7. Integrated Applications:
Other integrated applications like discussion forums, wiki and blogs serve as content collaboration tools.

8. Powerful Search:
With a comprehensive Search, you can find users, streams or groups inside Pulse.

Go Mobile

Most of all, you can access Zoho Pulse from anywhere and at anytime, with the sleek mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

Zoho Pulse Mobile Application



Zoho Pulse iOS App on App Store

Zoho Pulse Android app on GPlay




Zoho Pulse has a plan, no matter what size your business is. The Professional edition of Zoho Pulse is priced at as less as $2 per user per month. If you opt for an Enterprise edition, it is $ 5 per user per month. And, if you want to just try Zoho Pulse, you can sign up and try it for Free!

Zoho Pulse has the power to change the way you work. So what are you waiting for? Connect instantly, Communicate in real time and Collaborate in one place right away.


5 Replies to Announcing Zoho Pulse –– A Private Social Network for your business

  1. I really love Zoho Pulse. In the post above you mention that you can add the Zoho Pulse app to Zoho Mail suite apps - but, it is not listed to be able to select it - any advise. Also I can see that in the Control Panel in Zoho Mail that Zoho Pulse group have been created here as well and can set group email address for the group - my question is how is the group email work with Zoho Pulse group - does it post comment on that Zoho Pulse group when someone sends email to the Group Email? Also when I add a Group Email address all the members on the Zoho Pulse group are not active embers of the group email address?? Is this right? Love the Zoho development - your products are really maturing :)

  2. I have been waiting for this a long time....It will be nice to replace the facebook secret group. While it functions exactly as we need, I don't want to friend all my team members. Also I have been deathly afraid of posting info about a client in my main facebook and accidentally revealing something private. However, I have not been able to find a setting that will email a post made a pulse group to all the group members (and subsequently allowing the group members to post a reply via email as well). This is a critical function for us. In the past when I tried to navigate the team away from FB, the absence of the email notifications and replies posted via email sunk us. This is a mission critical function for us...please tell me that the setting is there and I just can't find it.We use Zoho CRM, and Zoho Mail and Zoho Wiki and it would super if we could use Zoho pulse.Thanks

  3. Hi Álvaro Felipe,Thank you for signing up with Zoho Pulse. We are glad that you loved the product. You can add the Zoho Pulse app to your Zoho Mail suite. We shall enable it for you. Your feedback is valuable to us. Please feel free to reach out to us in case you need any support.

  4. Pulse is great! I love it! Log time ago, I want a social network for my company. Also, pulse bring my CRM events and features like pages, blog or filter user by departament, skills or locations is very useful. I have only question: its possible add Pulse to Zoho mail suite?, I cant for now.

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