Mercado Pago for Zoho: Payments made easy

Hello to our LATAM users!

At Zoho, we aim to build products that are both global and local. We want you to take your business to the world without forgoing the needs of your local customers or giving up on your preferred working methods. Our new office in Mexico and the recent series of Zoholics events we hosted in the region gave us an opportunity to get to know you better. We got a better picture of your needs, and it got us thinking.

We realized there was so much we could do to make your business more effortless, and it all starts with more flexible payment options. Because of this, we integrated with LATAM's most popular payment gateway, Mercado Pago. You can now receive payments using the de facto payment method for nearly 100 million users right from your Zoho applications.

All you need to get started with this is a Zoho account and a Mercado Pago account. Integrate both, and start collecting your payments securely and effortlessly. You can give your customers the option to make payments with debit/credit cards, Redlink transfers, or even cash.

Here's how the integration works for each product:

Zoho Backstage 

LATAM members can host and manage their events on Zoho Backstage and process payments with Mercado Pago as their payment gateway. Make it the preferred gateway for the event you're hosting in the region, streamline your ticketing, and run all your transactions conveniently through it. Learn more.

Zoho Commerce

Build your own website on Zoho Commerce. Accept orders, track your inventory, and receive payments. With the growing number of digital shoppers in the LATAM region, adding a popular payment gateway such as Mercado Pago makes it easier to process online orders on successful payments. Learn more.

Zoho Finance Suite

Customers using the Zoho Finance suite for their billing and subscription purposes can receive hassle-free payments for their invoices and orders. Once you receive an order, you can ship the goods and share an invoice link with your customer. Customers can then make the payment from their portal through Mercado Pago. This integration is available for Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Subscriptions, and Zoho Checkout.

Here's what a beta user of the integration had to say:

Give the integration a shot, and tell us how it helped you! Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.


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