Automate the job of your Helpdesk Coordinator - Setup Request Assignment Rules

The typical day of the Helpdesk Coordinator here at Zoho Support is pretty exciting… Receiving hundreds of requests everyday, it is he who manually assigns ownership to each one of them. Though this can be accomplished using Workflows, we realized it was not an obvious solution for our customers. Also, it is quite common for us to receive a request related to Zoho CRM in the Zoho Support department which often required a manual move.
We committed ourselves to find a solution for these productivity guzzlers and so is the release of a simple, yet powerful automation feature – Request Assignment Rules.

So what is Request Assignment rules and how can it replace your helpdesk coordinator?

Request assignment rules can be used to move a request to an appropriate department and further assign ownership to it in the new department. Everything is automatic and works on pre-defined conditions which when matched with, would trigger an assignment rule and ensure the associated actions are accomplished.

Look at how things changed for us with request assignment rules:

Moving & Assigning Request

The above rule helped us move a request received in Zoho Support to the appropriate department and further assign ownership to it in the new department.

Also assignment rules are exclusive for our Professional and Enterprise users and it can be found under Automation in Setup. Meanwhile if you see your business in the above mentioned scenarios, it’s time to set your own rules.

Do you have a similar story? Then go ahead and share it with us. We are waiting here…


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