Automate your way to productivity using the various automation options available in Zoho Support. Keep your support processes running smooth; and automatically using Workflows, Time based Actions & Macros. You can auto-assign tickets; send notification alerts and modify ticket properties based on varied criteria.

Key Features


Workflows are business rules that can automate your customer support process. You can configure department specific rules that automatically send e-mail notifications, assign tasks to users and update field values when matched with the defined execution criteria.

Time Based Actions

Time based rules, unlike Workflows can be triggered on a specific time after the rule is created. Monitor your recent tickets every one hour for preset time based conditions and perform operations like sending e-mail notifications, assigning tasks and updating field values in a ticket.


Execute your frequent business rules in a click. Macros are predefined conditions that can be manually applied to a ticket by support agents. Modify a ticket besides notifying users and creating tasks with a macro.

Ticket Assignment Rules

Don't let your tickets stay in the queue, unassigned anymore. Ticket Assignment rule simplifies the job of your helpdesk coordinator by routing a ticket to the appropriate department and auto-assign ownership to it. Simply set the conditions to be triggered at any stage of the ticket's lifecycle.

Sending Alerts

Set up an alert to send predefined email notifications to a specified user, a selected role or group. Choose a customized e-mail template to be sent to select users and avoid the need to type messages every time you set an alert.

Creating Tasks

Assign task to an agent when the preset conditions in a rule are met. Do you have a customer requesting a demo? Simply auto assign the task to an agent. Also, set the workflow Rule Trigger date at which the rule should trigger.

Updating Fields

Update the properties of a ticket by adding assignment values to an automation rule. Assign values or set status automatically based on the criteria set in an automation rule.

Automation Combinatory

Create automation rules with various criteria, combined with or based on AND & OR condition and operations such as is, isn’t, contains, doesn’t contain etc. Simply set your rule to include anything & everything.

Predefined E-mail Templates

Use customizable email templates to set up the workflow alerts. Associate an e-mail template to both incoming new tickets and edited tickets.


  • Accomplish complex business processes with extensive automation options.
  • Avoid errors that happens with manual operation and increase reliability by automation.
  • Deploy a business process you wish which would otherwise require reprogramming and script changes.
  • Automate your way to productivity by increasing response time while adding value to your helpdesk process.

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