Introducing: Notification Center for Zoho Support

One of the key influencers of an agent’s response time is the delay in getting notified of developments. We’ve observed this from our own customer service operation.

Suppose an agent is typing a response to a customer. He/She doesn’t really know if another customer has responded on another conversation. This makes customer service very linear and sequential. And, it drags down the efficiency of the entire customer service operation. For a generation of multi-tasking natives, this just isn’t enough at all.

There had to be a better way to solve this and turn things around. So, we took it onto ourselves to do just that. Over the last couple of months, we worked with our own customer service teams to fully understand this problem and solve it the right way.

Notification Center for Zoho Support

Today, we’re really excited to launch that solution, the Notification Center.

Notification Center within Zoho Support is the tiny rectangle on the top right area. It’s unintrusively positioned, yet extremely handy. It brings to you every recent development you care about. It lets you tag your colleagues and collaborate via comments. And, it’s going to completely change the way your team works.

Real-time notifications

You now get notified of every single development you care about.


When customers respond to requests, when a colleague changes a request property, when you’re assigned a request or when someone from that key account raises a request, Notification Centre simply glows to indicate that it needs your attention. It even takes you straight to the request thread if a customer has responded.

The response time of your agents improves drastically when they’re notified of request developments immediately.

Comments and @mentions

With simple name-tagging, we’ve brought crowd-sourcing to customer service. You can now tag your colleagues in comments and ask for their opinions. They’ll get notified immediately via Notification Center. But, wait. It doesn’t end there.


They can respond to your comments directly from Notification Center itself.

It’s the simplest way to collaborate within your team. And, it’s a pleasure to use everyday. We believe you’d just love it.

Follow contacts, accounts and requests

We realized that our own managers needed to follow key accounts and contacts. And, our own agents needed to follow specific requests. Personalization had to be a part of Notification Center. So, we built just that.

Follow Accounts via Notification Center

You can choose to follow specific accounts, contacts or requests. Notification Center keeps your choices in mind and brings you just the information you care about.

It’s convenient. It’s personalized. And, it’s quick. That’s Notification Center.

Starting today, customers on all our plans will be able to use it. If you’ve tried it out, do let us know what you think of it.


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