Run service processes right from your help desk, with Blueprint

Simply put, a process is a set of actions performed in a sequence based on context. Each of these actions has an outcome that becomes the input for the next action in the sequence.

Processes in customer service are put in place to bring consistency, improve efficiency and help the organization manage scale. But they're often faced with practical difficulties such as:

  • (Lack of) Follow-through: Your company can train your employees in the processes, but there's often a lot of room for human errors. This leads to information falling through the cracks, and customers' time being wasted.

  • Cross-functional (non) Collaboration: When multiple teams work together on a process, there's a possibility the process will be misinterpreted. This leads to each team interpreting their roles differently, which in turn affects the customer experience.

  • (In)complete Context: Without the infrastructure to maintain consistency, processes can become ineffective and incomplete. As a result, your agents might miss crucial context they'll need later on.

  • (Un)clear Accountability: Without authorized stakeholders, it becomes difficult to keep track of essential facts about your tickets. Blueprint makes it easy to follow up on a ticket, identify which stage of the process the ticket is in, and find out who is responsible for its further progress. Bottlenecks become hard to identify and resolve.

While it can be a huge challenge mitigating these problems in real-life, integrating the service process into a software can bring in a more streamlined approach and minimize human error.

Blueprint in Zoho Desk can help you achieve this. It addresses all of the above limitations while making your process management context aware. Here's how it addresses the bottlenecks of traditional process management:

  • Follow-through: Once you've established your process and trained your agents, Blueprint ensures that all the criteria are met and that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Blueprint is compatible with cross-functional processes and makes it easy for tickets to travel through different departments/teams within your organization. It also ensures that you can track each ticket and address bottlenecks.

  • Complete Context: By mandating the actions required at each stage of the process, Blueprint ensures that all the records are properly filled and the information required to gather context is captured at every stage.

  • Clear Accountability: With Blueprint, it's easy to see who is responsible for moving a ticket forward at any given time. Tickets automatically move from one State to another, without the need for employees to reassign them every time.

Blueprint makes process management easier and more efficient. In other words, it makes your team's work... well, work.

Zoho Desk is the industry's first context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer. Follow Zoho Desk's Community page to receive regular news about our product updates and interact with our experts on various topics.


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