Zoho Creator - Zoho CRM Integration - What's new and what to look forward to..

A while ago, we came up with the first step towards integrating two of our most loved and discussed services – Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM. Today we are taking the next step towards an even more tighter integration between the two.

While the first cut, with dedicated Deluge tasks, was more for the tech-savvy users, this time around it’s for all of us .. Yes drag and drop lovers, this time you are in for the party too.

We have introduced a new field, Zoho CRM. As the name suggests, this field looks up CRM modules and adds them as fields in the forms that you create. Sounds familiar? Well it had to. This field is a clone of our Look up field. But then, it differs in one main aspect – the basic functionality. Simply add this field to your forms/situated apps and pull out CRM data instantly. A few tiny deluge tricks later.. You would have pulled out all relevant info that you need about the module.

And that’s not all. In the view, the value for this field is displayed as a hyperlink. Clicking on that link, presents you a summary page of the Module from Zoho CRM. Also the value of this field, just like any other field, can also be used as input for Deluge tasks.

Here’s the video that takes you through the tech specs of this integration. Go on and get started on your next business app situated around CRM Modules. Zoho CRM folks.. Welcome to Zoho Creator.. 🙂

Psssttt: Keep watching this space! A bigger and better announcement in the same vein is on its way.


7 Replies to Zoho Creator - Zoho CRM Integration - What's new and what to look forward to..

  1. This is the rectify Zoho Creator &#8211 Zoho CRM Integration &#8211 What&#8217s new and what to look forward to.. | Zoho Blogs diary for anyone who wants to assay out out virtually this content. You attention so some its almost wearing to present with you (not that I rattling would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new gyrate on a subject thats been codified around for period. Fastidious stuff, only major!

  2. Alexis,No, we have limited this feature to business editions only. However, we'd love for you to evaluate it. Mail us your primary Zoho email address to support@zohocreator.com, and I will enable the evaluation version for you to try.

  3. @RBrThats a nice feature to have indeed. We have added this to our roadmap. We will notify you once it is rolled out..@Adriano
    This feature is already available. Please send an email to support@zohocreator.com with your account details so that we can look into this.

  4. Can we see the link *to* a Creator record from within Zoho - like Projects and Support currently do? This would be very helpful.

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