Zoho Invoice: Stepping up our iPhone game

We’ve listened to every little thing you had to say about the invoice iPhone
app. Based on what we heard, we recently glammed
up our iPhone app with some new features and a couple of noteworthy

Here’s a list of features you will be swiping and tapping to on your Zoho Invoice iPhone app:

  • Now
    you can print invoices right from the app. If you are on an iPhone, iPod or iPad that supports AirPrint, a single tap can print your invoice out. Supporting AirPrint was inevitable, considering that users on the go may want to issue a hard copy of an invoice to the
  • We’ve
    given the listing of invoices a complete overhaul. Now they are listed
    based on the statuses and you can filter them based on a specific
  • One click conversion from estimate to invoice.
  • Set estimate and invoice preferences right from the app.
  • The most requested option to add taxes and tax groups is now available.

been making gargantuan efforts to make our iPhone app a mobile replica
of our web interface. Comment below as to what features you’d like added first to the app.

This update is available in the

iTunes store
it is free for users, new and old. Did we hear you say Android app?
Pssst…. updates coming up soon.


16 Replies to Zoho Invoice: Stepping up our iPhone game

  1. The app is great. But is there a way to sort invoices alphabetically or by the amount unpaid? The list seems completely random

  2. @knargabright, @WilsonWe are working on implementing the time tracking feature in Zoho Invoice iPhone app. It will be available in the next update.

  3. Still waiting on time tracking! iphone app is fairly useless for service professionals without it. It is pretty frustrating that it wasn't included in this update. I worked around the issue by not installing the app on my ipad and just logging into the site, but it is absolutely frustrating to not be able to do this on my phone!

  4. Spoke to support team and got it to work. Apparently for Google
    apps users we need to activate the username and password for it to
    work on the iphone.

  5. I'm very excited about the new app. As a new Zoho user I've been amazed at the value and complexity of the entire suite of products. While there will always be much to do, I'm pleased to be part of the Zoho family of users.

  6. Having the option to receive payments with a credit card through a reader like square would make Zoho the most complete invoicing tool out there.

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