Turn unopened emails into closed deals with SalesInbox

Maybe you heard the news.

We rolled out Zoho CRM 2016 last month, and the great reviews keep pouring in. It’s the biggest release in our 11 year history, and includes major upgrades to CRM, a new developer platform and marketplace, along with some killer new products. One of our favorites? Zoho SalesInbox. The only email client built with salespeople in mind, SalesInbox transforms your email from an endless digital to-do list into a tool that organizes your email, shows you the most pressing messages, and gives you the critical information you need to have better conversations with customers.

Stop spending time on email, and start focusing on selling. 

Pick your priorities.

4 columns view

Instead of sifting through the hundreds of emails that flow into your inbox each week, let Zoho SalesInbox do the heavy lifting. Get email that draws on CRM data to automatically categorize messages from your leads, deals, contacts, and colleagues. Cut through the clutter, and see your email segmented into the columns most important to your processes. With an inbox that intelligently groups incoming messages, you see the things that need your attention the most, instead of just the things that arrived most recently.

Conversations with context.

Know what you (or anyone in your company) said to a customer the last time you talked so you can have better engagements in the future. Zoho SalesInbox gives you the key details about a contact and your history with them. See each support ticket they’ve filed, social post they’ve made, or purchase they’ve completed, and know exactly where they are in the sales cycle. Pick up every conversation where the last one left off, and provide a seamless experience.

Think inside the (in)box.


Find exactly what you’re looking for with filters. Segment your email stream into folders based on CRM criteria. See leads organized by source, contacts that visited your site this week, or deals categorized according to size; change the view to suit your needs. Tailor your inbox to mirror your sales pipeline, and have an email that produces more sales instead of more work. Advanced CRM Filters shut out the noise so you can focus on the signal.

Metrics and more.

The key to sales in the digital age is data, and lots of it. With open, click, and bounce rates at your fingertips, you have the information you need to write emails that have impact. Compare stats on different versions, choose the ones that work best, and get more clicks turning into closed deals. Know which leads are listening, and use Advanced Email Analytics in SalesInbox to fine-tune your templates to the perfect pitch.

Notifications you’ll notice.


Reminders for your follow-up tasks are great, but what you really need is someone (or thing) to remember all the tasks that everyone else is supposed to do for you. ResponseWatch in Zoho’s SalesInbox does just that. Set reminders to check in with a customer or colleague if they haven’t gotten back to you within a few days; make sure your emails never go unanswered. Add automatic alerts for the follow-up items that matter most, and check off one more task on your to-do list with SalesInbox. 

Insight, in one site.

Try SalesInbox inside your CRM, and stop hopping between platforms. When your email is actually integrated with your CRM, you have the context you need to make sure you connect. The ‘Timeline’ shows you all your previous interactions, while the ‘Information’ column gives you access to essential data at a glance. You can also perform loads of CRM activities from SalesInbox;  drag and drop emails to update contacts and close deals, or cut down on manual entry by automatically turning new sales inquiries into leads. Spare your fingers extra keystrokes by letting SalesInbox auto-suggest email addresses from CRM. 

Mail on the move.

Your business takes you everywhere; your business email should, too. Zoho SalesInbox on mobile gives you the information you need to turn every demo into a closed deal. It works with whatever email client you are already using so that you’ll walk into every meeting knowing every detail. Answer emails using CRM insights even when you are away from your desk; SalesInbox automatically keeps the Customer, Open Deals, and Closing this Month folders updated across any device so you can easily find the most important emails, even while on the go. 

Email should work the way you need it to; with Zoho SalesInbox, it does.

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