Sync Zoho CRM Contacts & Calendar with Google Apps

Zoho CRM for Google Apps has certainly been a winner in the Google Apps Marketplace, and our customers love us for this! But, we always felt there was something missing. Today, we’re addressing that missing bit, with…

yes, you guessed it right – You can now synchronize both your Contacts and Calendar between Zoho CRM and Google Apps!

Google Contacts Sync

As a Google Apps user, managing your contacts data is a lot more easiernow. And how is that? You can work on a single version of the data in both Zoho CRM and Google. No more duplicate entries and you can also schedule your sync frequency. So, in case you want your contacts to be synchronized on a weekly basis, all you have to do is: select the type of sync as “Between Zoho CRM and Google (two-way)” and set the frequency to “Weekly”. Bam! You’re done!

Well, what will happen if there is a conflict while syncing you may ask? Simple. You get to choose which data should take precedence – Zoho CRM Vs Google Apps. More power to you!

So…what happens if you want to periodically push contacts only from Google Apps to Zoho CRM or vice versa? No problems, we give you those options too!

Google Calendar Sync

Now how does the synchronization of calendar work? The options are very similar to the Contacts Synchronization and here you get to sync events between your Zoho CRM and Google Calendars on a periodic basis.

Think of it this way. There’s a business contact of yours who has requested for a product demo the Monday after next. You quickly add this detail to your Google Calendar. The synchronization of this event between your Google Apps and Zoho CRM is taken care of in the background…based on your settings, of course. You also get the option to add reminders from your Google Calendar to Zoho CRM.

These features are available to all Google Apps Users using the Zoho CRM – Enterprise Edition.

So go ahead, collaborate and communicate better with your customers using Zoho CRM for Google Apps.

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– Sharanya


29 Replies to Sync Zoho CRM Contacts & Calendar with Google Apps

  1. Hi,Could someone confirm to me that you success to sync contact between Google Contact & Zoho CRM? The last time - i test it & it was failed. Sync is bad on the last time.Kim Son

  2. Frankly I am quite disappointed!I bought the Pro. version because of the Google sync capability regarding contacts and calendar, but during the setup phase I realize that contacts only sync once a day, and the calendar only syncs every 6th hour – and that Zoho calls synchronization…In my conceptual universe it is called batch operations, and that is definitely not what I am looking for, and wanting to pay for!Unless I have missed some parameters completely, I would like to have my money refunded!

  3. Is there a limit to how many contacts we can sync? It looks like 1000 is the limit - Could anyone please confirm.Thanks!

  4. We'd like to thank all of you who commented (both here and through email) and gave us feedback on this issue.Based on your feedback, we're changing our stance on this particular issue:'s really great to see this level of feedback and passion. Thanks again.Rodrigo

  5. @Mani,I'm fairly sure nobody has a problem with Zoho making decisions on a commercial basis, that said, the decision can still be wrong!!!!On a commercial basis, our companies app currently has a few hundred paying customers, but we've spent 100's of 1000's developing the business - therefore commercially, it's obvious that we should be charging the few hundred customers 1000's each........ er.... NO!If we did that, we'd suddenly have ZERO customers!!Zoho can obviously choose to charge what they want, and we can choose to use another app!To be quiet honest, we're becoming fairly downbeat about Zoho....* The CRM is limited compared to it's competitors.* It doesn't do half the Google integration that many FREE apps do, in fact other than SSO, I'm not actually sure that we're using any other part - Contacts/Calendar is an expectation of ANY GAPPS interoperable APP.* Integration with Mail should be part of the standard package to...Isn't this part of the point behind CRM - And with a GAPPS tool, you wouldn't even need to store the mail on your servers....Either use the API or IMAP the results as required!!!!
    ---- Same could be said for Contact & Calendar!!!* Zoho Accounts isn't fully interoperable with Zoho CRM - GREAT!!!! (DOH!).... I could go on, but am sure your well aware of the limitations!Basically, I'd say Zoho should have a serious rethink about the costs, we're currently spending about $1200 per year with Zoho, and getting SSO + VERY BASIC CRM functions!!!Think about Google's cost model $50/user/year....For a hell of a lot vs. ZoHo Enterprise $300/user/year for an incomplete & limited product!Maybe time to think about some cheap hosted box, plus SugarCRM!If SugarCRM brings out a GAPPS version - Zoho is TOAST!The sad thing is, you could have a KILLER app here, that could destroy the competition (the power of COMPLETE integration with GAPPS).If you want to get to that stage, how about you work with your early adopters, rather than just annoying them!There's another $0.02's worth...So that'll be $1,200.04 this year then ;-)Dave

  6. Well Zoho, I personally have recruited 5 companies to Zoho, with a user base of about 45. I figure you owe me about $50 a month.

  7. @DeLisa,Sorry for the delay in response. Please check the below url for more details." rel="nofollow"> the above page, you can find the link for Synchronizing Google Contacts and Events. Please get back, if you need any more assistance.@baobab68,
    We will provide the support for non GApps users also in 2-3 weeks time frame. Please bear with us in the meantime.@revisionfred,
    We will start working for two way sync in calendar after supporting the above mentioned use case. We expect that, we could deliver it in a month time once we start working on it.Thanks & Regards,

  8. Dear All,Thanks for sharing your feedback.We are sorry to disappoint you with this decision. Following is the reason behind our decision to offer this in Enterprise edition.Google Contacts and Calendar sync is not one time operation and it is going to be server intensive operation and there is also a significant development effort involved.We have added features as part of Professional edition in the past. We also will add additional features in Professional edition. We make the pricing / packaging decision based on the cost & value involved.Regards,

  9. +1 on disappointment that this is only offered to enterprise customers... and what's worse, for calendar it's still only a 1-way sync. Going from pro->enterprise = really expensive for a 1/2 working feature

  10. Completely agree with these comments, why must we pay an extra $15 a month for contact sync- sugar is definitely starting to look appealing and the mobile CRM ipod app- doesn't even work with google apps, i dont understand how i can be charged for that!!

  11. come on Zoho, we have stuck with you waiting for these promised upgrades for a year. We like your CRM and have learned to deal with its' shortcomings while giving you guys time to incorporate things like this over time. Now you make me upgrade to Enterprise just to sync. You only have a year max before someone will have a free version. Dont charge your loyal clients for this upgrade and lose our loyalty. I think a smarter decision would be to give your loyal fan base (at least the existing accounts) things like this for free because we have supported you for so long. Charge the new guys but when we start leaving to go back to Sugar and Salesforce, I doubt you get us back with this business strategy. Don't drive us away! I am already calling my Gmail account rep to see what other options I have now.

  12. We talked to you on the forum. Now you still want to do it this way. Look at this post's comments. We're far from the "wow" effect you could have got if listening to us.

  13. Excellent!!! Add reasonable reporting like #... or #... or integrate reports with ZohoSheets and we switch to Enterprise edition immediately.Note: Excellent reports are needed to promote the value of the data stored in CRM into the team e.g. we show how many new accounts and contacts were added by segment/function in this report - #... .

  14. Extremely disappointed that something like 'sync' is only with Enterprise. I was just moving my company to zoho, but I think I need to re-consider before all my data gets stuck in the system.

  15. Come on zoho, you are starting to act like sales force, which I moved away from because of the constant push for enterprise type enrollment. I'm a small business, I want Google integration and need the basics to be included and sync is one of them.

  16. I want Zoho to earn my business. I work my ass off every day. I improve what I do every day! Why should Zoho assume that just because they do Google contact synchronization that they are entitled to $25 per month (Enterprise) edition? Heck, this feature will be a standard for all Google apps customers in just a matter of months/years. I stand for adapt NOW! Zoho should too, and make Google contact synchronization available to all of their costumers (even the FREE customers). Hey Zoho are you listening? Just pay attention, and you will outlast and clobber your competition. The world is changing fast! Offer Google contact synchronization to all of your customers and you will leave the competition in the dust!

  17. This is exciting, but I fell like it's excluding a larger number of users by making it only for Enterprise users. When you consider the pricing, it's actually more expensive to get Zoho Creator with all the functionality of other CRMS (like SugarCRM 6).$25.00 (for enterprise) + 3.00 for mail add on + $3.00 for mobile (which doesn't support Android Platform) +3.00 for Office plug in + $3.00 for outlook plug in. All these features plus social integration, email marketing, and a MUCH MORE customizable UI are offered in Sugar for $30.00 per user per month or by free 3rd part add ons. While I'm not to the point where I need all the expense and functionality of Sugar, when I do I'll probably end up leaving Zoho for Sugar because it will actually be MORE cost effective that Zoho. Sad but true.

  18. Why only Zoho CRM - Enterprise Edition?The whole point of us initially going with Zoho initially was because we 'expected' that this functionality would be there.Once we realised that Zoho's integration with GAPPS was, to say the least, in it's early stages - we made the call to stay with it, expecting that this would mature with time and deeper integration would come along.We don't really have a use, at the moment, to upgrade our users from Pro to Enterprise, except for the Google integration - and at an additional $13/user/month (just for that), it far too expensive.As a previous poster said, 'nickled & dimed to death', if we aren't getting the integration with Google as part of the Pro edition, then we might as well move to SugarCRM which, in our opinion, is better supported, more mature, far more feature rich, and actually far cheaper if you start to consider the total cost!OK it doesn't integrate with GAPPS, but neither does Zoho without significant additional cost (i.e. over 100% more expensive than the professional edition!)If Zoho are marketing this as 'A Google Apps' application, then I feel that the whole interoperability with GAPPS should be available to ALL editions (including the Free one!) - Otherwise, it's fairly misleading to market it as a GAPPS app.We are fairly happy with Zoho CRM, but it's starting to feel like Zoho are putting a gun to our head to get functionality that was expected to be part of the Standard implementation, and we're still small enough to move to another product without too much fuss!!!!!Anyway, just my $0.02 worth!Dave

  19. The lack of the ability to sync is a real failing of this package. I have been testing this for the past month to determine whether to move forward or not. Having to move to Enterprise for everyone in my company just so you can sync...come on. The product has gone from four stars to one star. Come on folks, this should be a standard feature.

  20. Sounds great! Where do we go to get started? I'm already a Google Apps and ZohoCRM user. Where do we find the sync options???DeLisa

  21. Fantastic guys! Really, you guys keep adding new stuff that us users really need to run our small biz!thanks Zoho & keep 'em coming!

  22. YEAH!!!
    Glad to see it. This is what I thought was happening when I first starting using Google Apps and CRM / Books / other Zoho apps. I was very disappointed that my people where going to have to enter the same data multiple times. Very glad to see the integration!!!
    Going to go config it now.:)Thanks ZoHo!!!

  23. Lately,I feel like I am being nickeled and dimed to death. This is only available with Enterprise oops cost more. CRM for mobile opps cost more. Nickeled and dimed to death. Sooner other optins will be as attractive because they dont cost anymore than ZOHO.

  24. Why make this available to Enterprise users only? If you had made it available to Professional Users it might have been enough to make me upgrade.

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