Introducing Zoho CRM for RingCentral - a smarter way to manage calls inside your CRM

This is a guest post by David Lee, Vice President of Platform products at RingCentral – a leading cloud-based call center solution. For more info click here.

Cloud communication helps organizations efficiently manage customer phone calls and mobile capability. With this in mind, we have integrated Zoho CRM with cloud communication systems to ensure every business has a reliable voice service inside its CRM.

Today, we are happy to introduce Zoho CRM for RingCentral, the integration between your favorite CRM and the leading cloud communications system.  Now you can dial, log, and record calls inside your CRM in a smarter way so you can enhance the productivity of your teams and enrich customer interactions.


Gain full control of your customer interactions.

Get advanced call controls and global connectivity right inside your CRM. With Zoho CRM for RingCentral, you can track all your customer data in one place.

Improve call efficiency with click-to-dial.

Initiate calls to your CRM contacts with a single-click. You no longer have to keep switching between different devices or screens, therefore saving valuable time. 

Reduce call durations with automatic screen pop-ups.

Access customer information quickly with automatic screen pop-ups.  Incoming calls will trigger a pop-up screen with relevant information pertaining to the lead or contact calling so  users can be more prepared to ensure quality customer interactions.

incoming-callAutomatically record call logs.

Keep track of important conversations with automatic call logging. This integration also lets you record all inbound and outbound calls within your CRM and play them back whenever necessary. You can also view call details and analytics anytime using Reports in Zoho CRM.

Simple configuration.

Setting-up the integration is very simple. There are no installations or tedious configurations to mess with. All you need is your RingCentral login credentials to get started. Learn More


42 Replies to Introducing Zoho CRM for RingCentral - a smarter way to manage calls inside your CRM

  1. Does this feature have an option for Local Presence / Local Dial. It is is an intelligent dialer solution which users to make calls to prospects matching the area code of the number they are calling (Prospects are 4x more likely to answer when the number is local). Please let us know?

  2. What other dialing systems are integrated with Zoho CRM? If there are others that have integrations, do they provide the same features as this integration?

    1. Dear Blair, Zoho CRM is integrated with few other cloud telephony systems, such as Twilio, Ringio, Promero, and Ozonetel. We also provide integration with Hosted PBX systems, such as Avaya, Asterisk, and Elastix. To learn more about Zoho PhoneBridge, check our call-center page- To learn more on how to setup the integration with different telephony vendors, check our Help guide- For more details, please contact support@zohocrm.comThanks!

  3. Why dont you guys focus on actually delivering an sms service for Zoho CRM? So many people have requested this for so long and it still hasn't been delivered.

  4. I really wish you guys would do this same integration with Jive Communications. RingCentral for an large company likes ours is horrible, just read all the ratings. We've used Zoho for many years and Jive for many years with very little issues. Please consider.

  5. I've tried to make calls through Zoho CRM with RingCentral with the icon next to the phone numbers in the contact info it appears as it is calling but it doesn't ring. I have to copy and paste the numbers in the app of RingCentral for Windows in order to make and receive calls. How can I fix this?

  6. It's great to see more telephony integrations within ZoHo CRM. Is this a soft phone only or is there the option for calls to be routed to a desk phone?

  7. Dear David Lee, Very glad to hear that Zoho supports Ringcentral. However as we are based in Turkey, we need to have a "Local Turkish" number. Does Ringcentral supports "Local Turkish numbers"? Regards, Haluk

  8. Looking forward to test driving Zoho CRM for RingCentral! We have been using both ZohoCRM and RingCentral for a while now ... am excited to see that the two solutions that we chose at GCG Inc. are now integrated.

  9. We have recently invested in a hosted VoIP system that connects into Broadsoft. We have Yealink desk phones and Palntronic Savi 700 headset system. The 'system' connects to Zoho and allows us to make calls but does not automatically record results. My question is, if we adopt the Zoho Ring Central, would we need to cancel the contract with our new provider or would it work with our new system? If you would prefer to call me our number is +44 (0) 1935 413444) Stephane

  10. Hi Zoho, Can you please advise, with this integration is it possible to log each call against a lead or contact and then when you open that contact or lead - see the last calls to that contact. Look forward to hearing from you.. Gavin.

  11. Hi Praveena, thanks for the post. This is an awesome feature and a great time saver. However, I have not been able to make click-to-dial work. I have a ticket with your tech support since Nov 16, 2015 and after so many back and forth's, it has still not worked yet. The ticket number is 8872301. Can you please have someone help me get this working please? Thanks.

  12. Hi Zoho, Can you please advise, with this integration is it possible to log each call against a lead or contact and then when you open that contact or lead - see the last calls to that contact. Look forward to hearing from you. Gavin.

  13. When it will be available option to call by one click and not getting incoming call to RingCentral and then answer it and then forward it by pressing 1. Full integration will be when I click on call button and that launches real call.

    1. With Ring Central and Zoho CRM are you able to bring numbers over from and use those with Zoho CRM? Also can you use a desk phone with this Ring Central System?

  14. We have been using the Ringcentral integration with Zoho CRM for months. It has never worked as advertised. My staff and I have spent 10+ hours on the phone with support trying to get issues fixed, but both Zoho and Ringcentral point the finger at each other as the cause of the issue. I migrated to Ringcentral from another VOIP provider because I was told the integration with Zoho worked and we pay significantly more per month. In recognition of the issues, Ringcentral even gave us a free month of service. I would love to know if/when the issues are actually fixed.

    1. Hello Brock, Recently, we conducted a survey among the RingCentral integration users to identify the flaws with this integration and our team has worked on it prior to this feature release. We are sorry to hear that still you are facing challenges with this integration. It'd be great if you can send all the issues that you're facing currently to, so that we can understand and serve you better. We will get back to you at the earliest.

  15. No, we would not recommend Ringcentral having used it in the past. Their password system is very antiquated and doesn't allow for special characters, only a string of 8 or so numbers, very, very not secure. And they don't have two factor authentication options. Need to catch up with security before we would ever trust our phone calls and recordings to Ringcentral...

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