Keeping your teams connected just got easier.

Last year, we released a brand new version of Connect, and since then we’ve been focused on helping businesses bring their people and resources together to get more work done. Here’s a set of new updates that can simplify how your team works.

Just what you need

Groups, boards, custom apps, manuals, and articles you often visit, or those that are very important to you, can now be marked as favorites. You’ll be able to easily access all your favorite items from the left panel in the My Feed page.

Better insights for better planning

With board statistics, it’s now easier to keep track of your team’s performance. Gain a better understanding of how your team works by viewing the numbers on your most active members and tasks completed within specific periods, as well as reports on task status.

Never miss an important file again

Sometimes important files shared in your team conversations can be difficult to find. With the attachment viewer, your teams can now access them all in one place. Files shared to Manuals and Events in your group can also be viewed here.

Work smarter, work efficiently

Section actions in boards are a great way to automate recurring steps and work more consistently. Once a set of actions are configured, it will be automatically applied to all the tasks in that section.

Meet, discuss, repeat

Say you have team meetings at regular intervals throughout the week or month. You create an event before every meeting and then send invites to your team. But what if you could simplify the whole thing? That’s where recurring events comes in. You can choose to repeat an event daily, weekly, monthly, or at specific intervals, like every two or five days.

When in doubt, find out

Polls come to the rescue when you need to reach a consensus, and to provide them with more flexibility, we’ve added some new options. You can now set a closing date for your poll, as well as decide when to display the number of votes.

Give our updates a try, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below or drop us a line at We’d love to hear your suggestions on what you’d like us to work into Zoho Connect next.

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