Humanizing internal communications: Introducing live broadcast in Zoho Connect

Companies, regardless of their size, struggle with bringing all of their employees together. While Zoho Connect acts as a common employee experience platform, in this age of remote or hybrid work, it's important to go that extra mile to provide a personal touch to help employees feel connected to the company.

We're super excited to provide all of you with a simple, yet effective way to do this: the ability to connect all of your employees through live broadcasts.

Whether it's a company-wide announcement or a training session within your team, live broadcasts are sure to simplify the way you communicate, while enhancing interactions and engagement.

Here are a few benefits of making live broadcasts a regular tool for internal communications.

Bridging the gap 

When employees are given messages directly from the company's leadership, they're motivated and clear about the overall vision. Through live streaming, it's easier to hold regular AMA (ask me anything) sessions with leaders or managers. This promotes transparency and trust within the organization.

Smoother onboarding experience 

Hybrid and remote work have provided companies with the flexibility to hire the best across geographies. However, this also drives companies to discover new and effective ways to onboard or train new hires without having to displace them. Through live broadcasts, these barriers are broken. Moreover, training sessions can be recorded so employees can access them anytime.

Amplifying employee engagement 

There’s no doubt that engaged employees are happier with your company. Whether it's a company event, or an award program, broadcast it live to all of your employees. Allow them to participate, initiate discussions, and share their ideas—regardless of where they work from or how they work.

Creating a thriving culture  

Through live broadcasts, employees are empowered with first-hand information, leading to a better level of collaboration. All employees are part of everything, resulting in a more inclusive culture. Ultimately, great work cultures bring about a sense of unity, and by humanizing your communications and providing that personal touch, your company can ensure a positive and enriching environment for your employees.

To learn more about live broadcasts in Zoho Connect, click here.


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