How Zoho Cliq supports your mental well-being at work

Join us in celebrating World Mental Health Day and get aboard with us on our journey towards creating a healthier mind, happier body, and more positive work environment. Taking care of our mental health is more crucial than ever in the age of constant connectivity and digital distractions.

At Zoho Cliq, we're committed to enhancing the platform with functionality that supports users' mental well-being. In this blog, we'll outline core features in Cliq that help users steer clear of stress and maintain a healthy mindset at work. (Not just the ones already available in Cliq; this blog will give you a sneak peek into a few capabilities included in our upcoming release.​​)

Stronger connections at work   

Cliq is more than just a messaging application; it's a unified communication platform that brings people together to collaborate and build connections. Strong, positive relationships are critical to employee happiness, engagement, and productivity at work. 

Cliq makes it easy to keep up with projects or catch up socially. Integrated messages, file sharing, audio and video calls enable employees to stay connected throughout the day. You can also start team meetings through Cliq. Whether you need a virtual coffee break with your team to coordinate before a hectic day or a quick session to unwind at the end of the week, Cliq helps your employees succeed on the job and build healthy relationships. And you know what? Now you just walk into a conference room and start/attend a meeting on the Cliq TV App

Boundaries to achieve work-life balance    

Despite the advantages of communication at work, constant connectivity has become a major issue for people's mental health. Zoho Cliq helps team members manage their work-life boundaries with remote check-in, check-out, and statuses to indicate availability and working hours. Employees can also catch up with meeting summaries and action items if they are out sick or unable to attend due to other obligations.

You can also use the "Do Not Disturb" status to set aside focus time for completing an important task, or when you need to step away from your computer to stretch, take a walk, or otherwise tend to your mental and physical well-being.

A secure environment for discussion

Conversations about mental health should never be stigmatized. Zoho Cliq offers a secure environment for employees to engage in open discussions. You can have confidential one-on-one conversations or create private channels for team members to discuss mental health issues, share experiences, and get assistance when needed. Building a compassionate and understanding community helps employees overcome challenges and succeed at work.

Integrations that aid well-being

Continuous concentration on work without breaks ultimately causes employees to lose focus and negatively affects productivity. So, it is essential to take quick breaks to relax and recharge. Various extensions and integrations are available for Cliq—like Games, Yelp, and Fortune Cookie—to allow your people to take a break, have a little fun, and avoid burnout.

Admin tools for real-time support   

Cliq also provides features that help managers support their employees in finding the right work-life balance. Usage reports provide insight into employee workloads and schedules to enable managers to identify overworked or disengaged employees and provide targeted assistance to help them succeed. The poll extension also allows managers to solicit direct feedback when applicable.

Assistance maintaining composure at work   

Keeping your calm is essential for succeeding at work. Staying composed during challenging or stressful conditions strengthens your decision-making and ability to communicate clearly, helping you resolve difficult situations and achieve your goals.

Practicing mindfulness can help you maintain your composure in general, but soon, Cliq will be able to help you deal with tense moments when the pressure is on. We're adding helpful capabilities like sentiment analysis and tone detection to help users understand the emotional tone of communications. More precise communication helps minimize misunderstandings, reducing a major cause of frustration and stress at work.

Opportunities to disconnect and enjoy your downtime

Employees face a difficult balancing act in a world of constant connectivity. We've all had critical work that required our attention after business hours, but it's not healthy to be available 24/7. Even when your status is set as away, or you've checked out of work, people may need your input, approval, or assistance on some pressing issue. Cliq's Auto Response feature enables you to set an automated response, so people will know that you're not available, and when you'll be able to connect.

Excited to know when these features will be released and hear about other upcoming features? Stay tuned! 


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