4 important questions your 2019's email marketing plans must answer

Pat yourself on the back for making it through 2018. Heading into 2019, you’ll want the best ROI from your email marketing. For that to happen, you have to start off right.

You may have already devised your plans for the year, but have you considered all of the new marketing challenges unique to this year? If the answer is “I’m not sure”, don’t worry. Make sure your email marketing plans are ready for the new year by answering these 4 questions:

1. Are you using your technology to create the right content?  

With the increasing need for personalized engagement, companies are turning to automation to send out their content. However, automation alone can’t solve all your problems. You need actionable customer data, like URL clicks and page views to get the best results from automation.

Here are a few ways that you can create relevant content using today’s technology:

  • Integrating your email marketing application with analytical tools

  • Measuring your email campaigns’ performance to obtain insightful data

  • Using accumulated data to personalize your email content

2. Are your email marketing practices clean? 

When you’ve invested so much effort to reach out to your audience, the last thing you want is for your emails to end up in the spam folder, or worse, not get delivered at all.

Given the number of data protection laws in place, following best practices like segmentation, email scrubbing, and authentication, helps ensure that your emails arrive intact. 

3. Are you combining your email marketing with other channels?

Every marketing email sent to the customer counts, especially considering the need to have your recipients’ consent upfront. Therefore, it’s pivotal to maximize your efforts.

For instance, integrating your email system with your CRM application can eliminate manual data entry and consolidate your information into a single database. When you have customer data stored on various business apps, why not use it to your advantage? Integrate your email marketing tool with your other business apps. Bring in new subscriber lists, and increase the depth and quality of your mailing list leads.

4. Are you optimizing your emails for mobile users?

Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly mobile-savvy. So much so that they no longer hesitate to make big-ticket purchases through a mobile interface. With this being the case, it’s become that much more crucial to keep your mobile users in mind while drafting emails. Your content should not only be adaptive, but also fully engaging on a small screen.

Add creative videos, quizzes, surveys, and more to compliment the main content with added value. Even better, start a dialogue with recipients by allowing them to comment on your email campaigns. This way, you’re telling them that their feedback matters.

Have you considered everything we’ve discussed for your future campaigns? Let us know in the comments below.





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