Fresh updates on exchange rate in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books

When running your own business, it’s mighty difficult to keep track of everything. Your memory cells will plead for mercy if asked to remember the exchange rate entered for every currency ever used.

Keeping that in mind, in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books, you can:

  • View last set exchange rate: Exchange rate set for a customer’s currency is now saved in settings. When creating a new invoice for the same customer, system reminds you of the last set rate. You can choose the existing rate or set a new rate or set a new rate just for the invoice. There’s more flexibility as you can modify them whenever you want. New rate does not affect your old invoices. If you want to view the rate set by you on a given date, just go over to the exchange rate history page in settings.

Exchange Rate


  • Recalculate Item Price : Another thing to take note of, are the item prices which you would probably have stored as per your currency. You can’t run around looking for a calculator everytime you want to recalculate the item price. Just select your customer’s currency in Zoho Invoice and have the price recalculated for all the items in the invoice.

  • Import and export exchange rate: Why type when you can just import it all in quick and easy steps. Get the data from one of the currency conversion sites as a CSV or TSV file and pull it in Zoho Invoice smoothly.

Learn more about setting the exchange rate for a currency in our help section. ​We hope you like the additions and it comes in handy when tackling the ever fluctuating rates. You can add your suggestions below or even share  how you manage the rise and fall of the exchange rate for your business.


3 Replies to Fresh updates on exchange rate in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books

  1. I don't get it! Why can you just get the exchange rate automatically from the internet like other expense services do? I select the currency, and you find the right exchange rate based on the date of the expense. Look at how is doing it. You never have to deal with finding exchange rates, ever. They are there for you automatically. Why bother importing things from CSV files!?

  2. It's almost there :^)This has saved me a little more time as I no longer have to remove & manually add Paypal payments to record the correct exchange rate.When dealing with payments, it would be nice if the specified bank fee could be added to Expenses. When it's an international payment, it would need to be added in the BCY using the specified exchange rate.Thanks

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