Reach out to customers on birthdays and holidays with Coconect and Zoho CRM

This is a Guest Post by Melinda Yeoh, CEO of

We understand that it’s tedious to remember and send birthday greetings to customers. Also, when you are busy, it’s easy to lose track of the time where you didn’t keep in touch with your contacts – An easy mistake for most business owners & sales professionals.

Coconect now integrates with Zoho CRM so that you will never miss sending birthday greetings to your customers. Plus, you’ll have a systematic way to schedule in bulk and send messages, the whole year through. You also do not have to set reminders and tasks for each contact one by one, hooray! All you have to do is to link your Zoho CRM contacts, and your e-card or text messages will be sent to your contacts for the whole year.

Why are we doing this? We believe that every great business is built on relationships. And two things are needed to build a relationship – time and effort. We cut down both, and even added some fun in exchange! Coconect is an efficient way to build relationships and stay in touch consistently with many customers in one go. While Zoho CRM concentrates on helping you to manage contacts and follow up your sales & marketing pipeline; Coconect provides an extension to reach out consistently to your contacts on holidays and events, without overloading them on sales messages.

Go ahead and give it a try, we are pretty sure that your customers will be impressed by your thoughtfulness.

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– Melinda


3 Replies to Reach out to customers on birthdays and holidays with Coconect and Zoho CRM

  1. Dear Diego,
    Thanks much for your feedback. Our current model applies to all editions. And it's for each individual users (in a company) to manage their own contacts as their respective relationships with each group of customers may be different.
    Eg: You may sign in with, and your sales manager may sign in with his own account with Having said that, we are constantly listening to our users, and strive to improve.
    Can you let us know how is your structure of your customer contacts currently, we'll see if there is a workaround for you. Looking forward to hear from you.
    You can also reach us Cheers!

  2. This seemed like a great idea, except that when it pulls the contacts from CRM it only downloads the contacts for which you are the owner. We need to download all contacts instead of just me, or the adminsitrator. It may be related to the free editiona, I am not sure, but without the ability to pull all contacts I don't see much integration/usability.

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