Zoho Bookings empowers customer-facing teams by joining forces with Zoho Assist!

The new remote work norm

Customer support is a keystone of successful businesses. The ongoing pandemic has forced many businesses to rely on a work-from-home workforce. This means that providing on-premise, one-on-one support virtually has gained paramount significance.

To add to it, customers and technicians are available in different time zones which makes collaboration difficult. Support, sales, and other customer-facing teams are shouldering more responsibilities to:

    • Find the perfect time to meet customers

    • Keep customers and technicians informed about the meeting

    • Share meeting information across multiple devices and apps

Solutions at your disposal

Zoho Assist has all of the necessary tools to provide remote assistance. Zoho Bookings takes care of scheduling appointments with customers across time zones. It also enables seamless communication through reminders and notifications. Best of all, Zoho Bookings integrates with most of the popular online calendars & other apps and can share appointment information with them.

Zoho Bookings & Zoho Assist combined

Businesses can now focus on delivering delightful customer experiences by combining the best of both of these tools. Yes, Zoho Bookings is now integrated with Zoho Assist.

With this integration in place, businesses can help their customers schedule remote support sessions and screen sharing sessions. Zoho Bookings can send out confirmation and reminder emails. And it can also send notifications about cancelations, reschedules, technician changes, etc.

This integration helps technicians reduce the amount of manual effort spent managing appointment information and email communication. That, in turn, means more engagement and fewer no-shows. Businesses can choose the appropriate session to deliver services to customers. Customers can book sessions dynamically through the configured services. 

Schedule and get assistance

To configure the integration within Zoho Bookings:

    • Select the Zoho Assist integration from the INTEGRATIONS section, under Manage Business.

    • Authorize Zoho Assist.

    • Configure the integration using the drag-and-drop interface in under 2 minutes.

    • Create a service.

    • Choose a session type that needs to be created when an appointment is booked.

To access the integration from Zoho Assist:

    • Choose the Zoho Bookings integration from the Integrations tab under Settings.

    • Configure services in Zoho Bookings.

Once the configuration is complete, customers can book sessions with the available staff from the corresponding booking page. 

Empowering support teams

We're gearing up our integration with Zoho Desk to improve the customer support experience all around.

Availability and pricing

The Zoho Assist integration is available in the paid plans of Zoho Bookings, which starts at $15 per month (billed annually) for up to 4 users. Additional staff can be availed at $4 per month. Take a look at our pricing plan in detail here.

If you are a Zoho One customer, you have a Zoho Bookings Premium subscription already. Read our help documentation to integrate Zoho Assist with Zoho Bookings.

Want to try Zoho Bookings? Join us for a 15-day free Premium trial.

Have questions? Email us: danny@zohobookings.com

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