Conquer this tax season with online appointment scheduling

As the financial year unfolds, there's a sense of anticipation and anxiety in the air. Why? It's tax season!

During this time, tax professionals like you prepare for busy days filled with meetings, deadlines, and paperwork. Each ticking second underscores the urgency of impending tax filings and financial reviews.

During this hectic season, client inquiries flood in around the clock. From small businesses seeking deduction guidance to individuals navigating complex tax codes, the demand for client meetings increases.

This torrent of meetings floods your calendar, making it an uphill task to manage your schedule. These appointments might be scattered everywhere—emails, websites, social media—and disrupt your core accounting practice.

Do these scenarios sound familiar to you?

Let's see how appointment scheduling software like Zoho Bookings can streamline your tax meetings.

Why do you need scheduling software to assist your clients during tax season?

If you have the time and few appointments, creating a calendar invite or discussing things over a quick call might work for you. However, for most tax professionals during busy tax months, time is a luxury.

Manual scheduling holds a lot of challenges that can complicate the tax filing process. Here are a few obstacles that hinder productivity during tax season:

1. Handling taxes demands a substantial amount of time

Finding the right time to meet can be like navigating tax regulations to identify the right deduction. It typically involves many back-and-forth calls or emails, along with other manual and repetitive tasks that can eat up a ton of time and energy.

This takes time away from your other important tasks, like tax planning, preparing returns, and checking accounts within the given time frame. All this makes the whole process even more stressful.

2. Mounting workload impacts your primary duties

During tax season, you may encounter a surge in clients seeking assistance.

If you're handling 10 appointments per day, that equates to a hefty workload of 50 appointments per week. Handling this workload manually may require dedicating a full-time admin, which can cost around $37,000 annually.

3. Change of plans can be stressful

When plans change, rescheduling appointments can be a hassle. Emails and calls fly back and forth as you try to find a new time that works for everyone. It's like walking a tightrope—it opens a lot of space for scheduling conflicts.

What does Zoho Bookings do?

Zoho Bookings is an online appointment scheduling solution that takes the hassle out of client meetings.

Use it to automate your day-to-day meetings, emails, payments, team collaboration, and other successive tasks for an efficient, streamlined, and hassle-free tax season.

How does Zoho Bookings ease your scheduling needs?

Independent tax professionals typically use emails and direct phone calls to set up meetings. Auditing firms go a step further by using contact forms on their websites to collect customer information for appointments. Both of these methods require manual effort and consume valuable time.

Appointment scheduling software like Zoho Bookings enables clients to schedule meetings for their preferred date and time based on your available slots, automating all other manual tasks like calendar invites, email notifications, and more.

Below are the advantages of opting for Zoho Bookings over traditional methods such as phone calls, emails, and contact forms.


Scheduling appointments via

Phone calls


Contact forms

Zoho Bookings

Fixing appointments

Requires real-time communication for each appointment and causes a delay.

Requires multiple email exchanges to find a mutually convenient time.

Requires manual processing of form submissions, potentially leading to delays or errors.

Eliminates the need for any back-and-forth task to finalize an appointment.

Managing appointments

Need to jot down appointments manually or add them to a calendar app.

Appointments are scattered across email threads.

Requires manual data entry into other apps.

Centralized dashboard for managing all appointments in one place.

Availability conflicts

Time-consuming to check availability over a call. Have to check calendars manually at both ends and suggest a tentative time.

Relies on individuals' availability mentioned in emails.

Availability information may not be clear or up to date.

Displays real-time availability as slots for clients to book from.

Reminders and notifications

Reminders need to be conveyed manually over phone call or SMS.

Relies on sending email reminders and notifications manually via emails.

No built-in reminder functionality.

Completely automated reminders that reduce missed appointments.

Calendar sync

No automatic calendar sync, requires manual entry.

Need to add appointments to the calendar manually.

Manual entry of appointments into calendars after form submission.

Automatically syncs appointments with the calendar, reducing the chances of scheduling conflicts.

Booking forms

No form-based interface.

No form-based interface.

Comes with form fields, but scheduling can't be automated. Demands human assistance

Ability to customize booking forms based on specific appointment types and collect requirements accordingly.

Payment processing

Payments are collected manually.

Requires the help of separate payment providers outside of email.

Limited or no built-in payment processing capabilities.

Integration with payment gateways to collect payments at the time of booking easily.

How can Zoho Bookings help with your accounting practice?

Zoho Bookings offers a comprehensive range of features that streamline appointment scheduling, freeing you from the hassle of managing meetings. You can stay focused solely on tax-related services while it takes care of the rest.

1) Schedule appointments with zero hiccups

Zoho Bookings makes the tiring process of finding the right meeting time simple. With shareable booking links, your clients can pick a time from your schedule that works for them without any emails, calls, or DMs.

Features and benefits:

Calendar sync: Integrate multiple calendars seamlessly and secure appointments based on your availability.

24/7 booking system: Collect appointments around the clock without the need for a front desk or human intervention.

Booking widget: Build a booking page to match your brand, embed it into your website, and start collecting appointments 24/7.

2) Create various consultations

Create and host multiple types of meetings based on the financial services you offer—from day-to-day meetings to annual assessments—and automatically assign each meeting type to a specific tax practitioner.

One-on-one meetings: Ideal for meetings where there's just one host and one participant, such as personal tax consultations.

Group meetings: Work best for seminars or workshops with one host and multiple participants, such as tax planning workshops.

Collective meetings: For meetings where multiple practitioners are needed to assist the client, such as annual assessments.

Guest invite: Allow your clients to add their colleagues, family members, or anyone else they wish to have join alongside them.

3) Meet clients at times that suit you both

Amidst the tax season rush, it can be challenging to draw the line between work time and leisure time. Zoho Bookings enables you to set clear boundaries between meetings, work time, and leisure time. You can personalize your availability so clients only book appointments at convenient times.


> Eliminate surprise meetings.
> Ensure your holidays and downtime remain appointment-free.
> Limit the timeframe when clients can book appointments.

4) Brand every touchpoint that your clients interact with

Zoho Bookings helps you ensure you provide a memorable experience, setting you apart in a crowded market.

You can make your branding visible in every interaction your clients have with you, from scheduling appointments to sending out post-appointment messages.

Build your booking pages: White-label booking pages to reflect your website branding by adding your logo, color palettes, images, social media links, and more. <Learn more>

Custom booking domain: Set up customized booking page URLs and add more credibility to the scheduling process.

Personalized email template: Tailor the email templates with your brand elements such as logos, color, and images. <Learn more>

5) Connect with your favorite apps

Meetings entail more than just the discussions themselves; they encompass a range of pre- and post-meeting tasks for comprehensive collaboration.

Zoho Bookings' integration capabilities empower you to extend boundaries by seamlessly connecting with other apps to optimize your business operations.

Calendar apps: Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Zoho Calendar

Video conferencing tools: MS Teams, Zoom, Zoho Meetings, and Google Meet

Payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay, and more

SMS providers: Twilio, ClockWorkSMS, SMS Magic, and others

What's next: Get started with Zoho Bookings

Zoho Bookings streamlines your appointment scheduling effortlessly. Speed up and smooth out your tax and client meetings without disrupting your core accounting practice.

Begin your hassle-free tax season now with a 15-day free trial.

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