UAC Support in Zoho Assist

We are delighted to announce User Account Control (UAC) support in Zoho Assist, our
easy and effective remote support app. UAC support will be of much help to support technicians assisting clients on Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7. UAC is a security component which displays a dialog box asking for administrator privileges whenever an administrative task is attempted.

UAC dialog box as displayed to standard users

UAC dialog box as displayed to administrators

Previously, the Support Technician was unable to see the UAC dialog box. The reason for this was because the UAC and the support session run in different modes (secure desktop mode vs normal mode). With this latest update,

Zoho Assist

is able detect the UAC dialog box and informs the Support Technician, so that he can ask the client to bring the UAC to the normal desktop. From that point, the UAC dialog box will get displayed to the support technician. A detailed step-by-step guide is available
here. Please contact us at with any questions.


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