Why Zoho Assist's Survey feature is a game changer for remote support

If you're in the remote support game, you know how vital it is to get feedback from your technicians and end users. Zoho Assist, a top-notch remote support software, understands this too. That's why we have introduced our super-handy feature: the Technician and Customer Survey.

Say goodbye to hassles with manual feedback

Picture this: A support session ends, and now you have to chase down every customer and technician individually to ask for their thoughts. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Zoho Assist takes that headache away. Right after a remote session, both the technician and the customer get prompted to fill out a quick survey. This way, their feedback is fresh and honest, and you don't have to send a million follow-up emails.

Customer surveys: Capturing the client’s experience  

After a remote session ends, customers get a quick survey prompt. This is a fantastic way to get immediate feedback while the experience is still fresh in their minds. Here’s why you need to try it:

  • Immediate feedback: Customers can quickly share their thoughts on the session. Did the technician solve the issue? Was the support helpful? How skilled did they find the technician?

  • Customizable questions: Organizations can tailor the survey to their needs. Whether it’s single or multiple-choice questions, dropdowns, or star ratings, you can get the exact type of feedback you need.

  • User-friendly: The survey is designed to be quick and easy to ensure a high response rate. Happy customers mean you get more insightful data!

Technician surveys: Insight from the front line  

Once the session ends, technicians are also prompted to provide their feedback. This provides crucial insights:

  • Technicians' perspective: Technicians can highlight what went well and what challenges they faced. This helps you understand the session from the support provider’s viewpoint.

  • Areas for improvement: It’s a great way for technicians to voice their opinions on what could be improved in the process or the tools they’re using.

  • Skill assessment: It helps organizations see where technicians feel confident and where they might need more training or resources.

Customization and reports: Making data work for you  

Zoho Assist’s Survey feature is super customizable. The organization or super admin can whip up as many surveys as they want, but only one goes out per session to keep things simple. You can mix and match answer types—single choice, multiple choice, dropdowns, short and long text, or star ratings—so you get exactly the feedback you need.

Once the surveys are filled out, Zoho Assist compiles them into neat reports. These reports are beneficial for organizations, providing deep insights into both customer satisfaction and technician performance. It’s all about spotting strengths and areas for improvement.

Zoho Assist’s Technician and Customer Surveys make collecting feedback simple, insightful, and incredibly effective. Give them a try and see the difference they can make!


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