Boost productivity by harnessing the power of Zoho Assist's integration with Freshservice

The ever-increasing demand for business digitization and automation has set a high bar for application integrations. By integrating Zoho Assist with Freshservice, businesses can easily manage their customer service tasks and automate processes for a streamlined workflow. Together, Assist and Freshservice help users manage various IT-related tasks from a single interface. In this blog post, we'll explore how businesses can utilize the Zoho Assist and Freshservice integration to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Leveraging the benefits of the Zoho Assist and Freshservice integration

The Zoho Assist and Freshservice integration provide a comprehensive suite of features that enable organizations to easily deliver highly effective remote support. Using this integration, users benefit from a wide range of features, such as real-time remote desktop support, remote access for unattended devices, and automated troubleshooting sessions. Accessing the integration is quick and easy for support personnel, leading to reduced resolution times.  

Maximizing productivity through a seamless integration

Businesses of all sizes strive to reach their full potential. One of the quickest, easiest, and most seamless ways to accomplish this is by leveraging third-party application integrations. Integrations give organizations a competitive edge by helping them maximize revenue and streamline operations, which in turn boosts consumer and employee loyalty.

With this integration, Freshservice users can initiate remote support sessions directly from a ticket, while eliminating the need for customers to explain or rehash issues from the beginning. This can lead to faster ticket resolutions and increased customer satisfaction. With quick access to Zoho Assist, Freshservice users can invite customers with various expertise to help solve an issue or offer guidance in real time. This feature is extremely helpful when a complex issue requires expert advice from multiple teams, as it enables collaboration from anywhere at any time.

With Zoho Assist's support for concurrent sessions, technicians can initiate multiple support sessions from one organization's account to manage multiple customers at the same time.

Using instant chat, voice and video chat, customers can effectively communicate with agents to thoroughly explain their requirements and prevent any miscommunications during the remote support session. Meanwhile, Freshservice's reporting and analytics features can be used to obtain a detailed report of each session to help IT departments evaluate and optimize their performance.  

Why is the Freshservice/Zoho integration ideal for customer support?

Freshservice and Zoho Assist can be used in a number of ways to enhance IT support, boost productivity, and strengthen customer satisfaction.

  • IT service desk: Freshservice is IT service desk software that can be used to manage IT support requests, incidents, problems, and changes. The integration with Zoho Assist helps IT teams provide remote assistance to customers experiencing technical issues. Customer support agents can simply initiate a session from within the FreshService ticket for a quick resolution.
  • Software deployment: While Freshservice can be used to manage software deployment requests, Zoho Assist can be used to remotely install and configure software on customer devices, reducing the time and costs associated with an on-premise visit.
  • New employee onboarding: Zoho Assist can help Freshservice users install work-related software on their new employee devices and provide remote training if needed.
  • Troubleshooting network connectivity: FreskService helps organizations troubleshoot network-related issues for their customers. Zoho Assist is the go-to application to remotely analyze, diagnose, and troubleshoot network issues in real time. Quick resolutions can minimize downtime and enhance productivity.

Here's a detailed step-by-step guide for the Zoho Assist and Freshservice integration.

Ultimately, combining Zoho Assist with Freshservice is a holistic solution for efficiently handling IT support requests, which improves the efficacy of IT support operations, while also increasing customer satisfaction and lowering support expenses.


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