Zoho Analytics + HubSpot: One of the fastest growing integrations of 2018

Back in January 2018, Zoho Analytics integrated with HubSpot CRM to provide powerful sales analytics.

The integration comes with over 100 insightful reports and dashboards that any sales team can find great value in, instantly. The HubSpot CRM-Zoho Analytics integration allows you to get an overall view of your sales pipeline, gauge your sales team performance, measure win/loss rates, and do much more.

The advanced analytics connector for HubSpot CRM, powered by Zoho Analytics, was named as one of the fastest growing integrations of 2018, by HubSpot. It’s indeed a big moment for us to celebrate this achievement. At Zoho Analytics, we continuously strive to provide an exceptional analytics solution to our customers, and this recognition validates our execution.

Key features of this integration:

  • Sync HubSpot CRM data automatically with Zoho Analytics
  • 100+ pre-built reports and dashboards
  • Auto-blend data from other business applications with HubSpot’s data, to create cross-functional reports and dashboards
  • Create custom sales reports with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  • Share, comment, and collaborate with your sales team
  • Configure contextual data alerts to get instantly notified about your key sales metrics

One of the most popular dashboards used by our HubSpot integration users is the “Leads Overview” dashboard.


This dashboard gives you a quick birds-eye view of all your metrics, like leads generated, the conversion funnel, lead source, and YOY comparison. As a business owner, you can use these reports to understand your lead sources better, nourish your leads, and convert these leads into sales.

And it’s not just the Lead Overview dashboard! This integration comes prepackaged with 4 other popular dashboards—Closed Revenue, Expected Revenue, Pipeline History, and Salesperson Performance.

All of these reports are autogenerated and included just by integrating your HubSpot CRM account. The integration can be set up in a few simple steps. You can also create your own reports and dashboards, and blend HubSpot data with data from other business apps for cross-functional analysis.

This is only a glimpse of what Zoho Analytics can do! Sign up and start visualizing your data today! Learn more.

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