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In our previous posts on Help Desk Analytics (part I, II, III), we talked about monitoring key metrics to improve customer support. In this post, we’re going to discuss how analytics-driven insights can help you align your sales and customer support teams to achieve effective collaboration and drive success.

As your sales team converts a prospect into a customer, your support team ensures the customer is happy and stays with you. On the other hand, your support team also extends their services to prospects during the presales period, helping them evaluate your product, understand its value and eventually make a purchase.

It might look like sales and support are two different entities of a business, but, in reality, sales and support are two sides of the same coin. According to the Harvard Business Review, it is 5-25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. All of these makes it essential to have your sales and support teams work in harmony and strike the right balance. But, how?

This is where analytics comes into the picture. Zoho Analytics offers powerful data blending options that lets you effortlessly integrate Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk. With this integration, you can uncover powerful insights and make critical business decisions with confidence thereby enabling both sales and support teams to work together like never before.

In this post, we will discuss how this can be achieved with the help of the data blending feature of Zoho Analytics.

Deals vs Ticket Stats by Accounts
Your CRM and support desk contain massive amounts of data. To stay updated, you have to constantly switch between multiple tabs. Your CRM gives you the account information and the deals won/lost for every account while your support desk gives you information like ticket inflow, tickets resolved, etc. To get the bigger picture, you’re going to have to map this data.

The report below shows all these metrics rightly mapped under one roof. A quick glance at this will easily give you an idea of your sales and support activities.

Data source: Deals from Zoho CRM, Tickets from Zoho Desk

Average Response Time vs Sales Conversion
Imagine wanting to buy a product and having to wait for 24-48 hours to get a response from the customer support team? Annoying, right?

“45% of US consumers will abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns are not addressed quickly.” – Forrester

As shown below, the speed of support offered directly impacts your sales, with longer resolution times resulting in a lower win-rates in most cases. Because 35–50% of sales will go to the vendor that reaches out first, it is vital that your team act quickly.

Data source: Deals from Zoho CRM, Resolution Time from Zoho Desk

Avg. Resolution Rime of Pre-sales and Post-sales Tickets
As a manager, it is important to ask yourself questions like: How quickly do we resolve an issue? What is the average resolution time? What portion of it is being spent on leads and customers? Are the tickets raised by paying customers getting resolved on priority?

The report below will answer all these questions. Knowing these answers will help you understand the support distribution and identify where you spend most of your time and resources.

Data source: Deals from Zoho CRM, Resolution Time from Zoho Desk

Customer Happiness vs Win Rate
Ensuring customer happiness is the key to acquiring and retaining customers. The report below shows satisfaction rates and how they impact your win rate. High satisfaction rates translate to high win rates. This report helps you see the quality of your support throughout the months and how it has influenced your win rate.

Data source: Deals from Zoho CRM, Satisfaction Rate from Zoho Desk

To attain long-term growth, a company must analyze and bridge the gaps between their sales and support teams. This will not only make both the teams’ jobs easier but also save you a lot of time, money and effort. While your positive customer experience can be leveraged by the sales team to attract new customers, the sales data can be used by the support desk to speed up the support process.

With Zoho Analytics, you can easily integrate your Zoho CRM with Zoho Desk and always stay one step ahead of your competition with the help of in-depth analytics. But it doesn’t stop with sales and support. You can integrate your Zoho Books data and run cross-functional analytics effortlessly. What’s even better? You can run similar cross-functional analytics on your data from popular business apps such as Salesforce and Zendesk to extract powerful insights.

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