More cool, animated, snappy, attractive charts in Zoho Analytics

Since its release in 2009, Zoho Analytics has gone from strength to strength, becoming the business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform of choice for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) around the world. Thousands of businesses worldwide rely on Zoho Analytics now, to crunch their business data and get meaningful, actionable insight.

We have consistently added new functionalities to Zoho Analytics over the years. The latest major improvement, being unveiled today is the charting framework. The entire charting layer has been overhauled.

New charting layer
The new charts, as the title of the post says, are much cooler looking, animated when loading, and have sharper, more pleasing color schemes. They’re pixel-perfect and retain all the interactiveness offered by the old charts.

New chart types
We have included four new chart types: the bubble chart, the packed bubble chart, the bullet chart, and the dial gauge. Bubble charts are used to compare relative values by the area of the bubbles. The bullet chart and dial gauge are used as KPI widgets. Viewers can use them to easily compare actual values with a set target value.

Color palettes
Zoho Analytics now offers a wide range of chart color palettes to choose from. You can apply a color palette for a particular chart, or for all charts within a single database. Not finding what you’re looking for in the default color palettes? No problem! You can create unlimited custom color palettes to use and save.

Table themes
The tabular report types — pivot table, summary view, and tabular view — are important for number crunchers. These tabular report types now support vibrant themes. You can choose from 7 different themes, and change the base colors of tables too.

So, there you go. We hope you enjoy the new features in Zoho Analytics. Please try them out! Send us your love by tweeting with #VisualizeMore.


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