Improving organizational efficiency with Zoho Analytics

Two organizations Adviso and Qipert, recently shared their success stories with us telling how Zoho Analytics helped them in overcoming their functional difficulties and improved their efficiency through data analytics.







Adviso is a marketing agency comprising of fifty plus internet marketing and strategy experts who guide their clients towards the success of their web properties. It has a rigorous result based culture. In 2011 and 2012, Adviso was recognized as one of the fifty fastest-growing companies in Canada in the prestigious PROFIT 200 contest.

Challenges faced

  • Adviso has an app on Zoho Creator for project management, time tracking, and billing. Initially, it was using the reports in Zoho Creator which were not adequate.
  • Traditional spreadsheets were too manual and didn’t solve the purpose.
  • The company tried tools like Domo, DashThis, Tableau and Google Sheets. Either the tools didn’t solve the purpose or were too costly.


  • Using Zoho Analytics, the company could create KPIs with complex business logic built-in, communicate these KPIs at a very high as well at a very granular level, all in real-time.
  • The team uses the dashboards of Zoho Analytics at every executive and team meeting to make informed decisions.

Here is what Mr. Louis-Dominic Parizeau, the Director of Operations at Adviso, has to say about Zoho Analytics.

“We have a new project where we create reports for our clients. It is a complex project that includes hundreds of thousands of rows and joins data from different data sources together. We are doing this project using Zoho Analytics. Zoho Analytics drastically reduces the time needed to create reports, and this frees up our time, which we now spend on more value-added tasks.” – Louis Dominic Parizeau

Read the complete case study here.






Qipert, based in Spain, does mortgage services for a large group of banks in Spain and Mexico.

Challenges faced

Qipert, like any other financial services company, had a lot of data to be stored and processed. It faced the following challenges with massive in-house data.

  • Difficulty in making data & reports available to all the employees.
  • Having to create a VPN in each laptop every time to access information.
  • Difficulty in role-based, and data specific sharing.

With Zoho Analytics Qipert had the flexibility of accessing data & reports from anywhere at anytime.

  • With Zoho Analytics, Qipert’s IT department now creates specific, user-friendly reports for each department. Each department now obtains relevant data with ease, by clicking and viewing the underlying data in the reports.
  • It also shares the reports with individual users, without having the need to do any additional configuration.
  • The IT department now filters which categories of data need to be shared with each user (using the filter criteria option). Hence the need for creating different reports with different filters for each user, is avoided.

Mr. Diego Isla Montes, from Qipert, proudly tells that the implementation of Zoho Analytics has saved their IT department a lot of time. He is also happy that the overall efficiency of the organization has improved.

“With Zoho Analytics, we can access our data from anywhere, and sharing of reports has become a lot more easier.” – Diego Isla Montes, Qipert

Read the complete case study here.

On any given day, Zoho Analytics is way better than other analytical tools or traditional spreadsheets. With the analytical capabilities built-in to give you the best insights, you will only see that your business grows leaps and bounds with Zoho Analytics.

If you are new to Zoho Analytics, register here for a demo. Also, you can start right way with our 15 day trial plan. Go ahead and take the plunge!

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