Case Study: Measuring Marketing Effectiveness with Zoho Analytics

An important part of every marketer’s job is to know how each of his/her campaigns are performing. “What’s the ROI (return on investment) from this campaign?” is a question in every marketer’s mind. Based on that, the marketer proceeds with making decisions on which campaigns to continue and which ones to stop.

Chris Swanson is the owner of BMA Marketing, a firm that manages paper coupon programs for bowling centers. As a marketer, Chris was interested in knowing the returns each of his campaigns generate. He not only studies the returns, but also shares the info transparently with all his clients. This is crucial for his clients as they get to know how the coupon campaign that Chris is running for them is performing.

For analysis and easy sharing of the marketing campaign info, Chris tried various options but each had their own difficulties. He searched for a solution that will allow him to share the campaign results with his clients in the easiest way possible. And he finally zeroed in on Zoho Analytics. Says Chris,

The thing I like most with Zoho Analytics is the ability to have my reports hosted on the web instead of having to create reports using PDF files or other formats that must then be attached to emails and sent to clients who may or may not be able to even open the file. Now I simply email my clients a URL that they can click to instantly view their own custom Zoho report.

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3 Replies to “Case Study: Measuring Marketing Effectiveness with Zoho Analytics”

  1. Ian: Thanks!kobyumzirdo: Thanks for your appreciation! We’ll sure support xlsx files soon. For now, please open your xlsx file, ‘Save as’ xls and import it into Zoho Analytics.

  2. This is an ultimate tool. It would have been fantastic, if the reports could be exported to excel format too. Also while importing the data, it should also take excel 2007 format(.xlsx)

  3. I love using Zoho. It’s been a great tool for me in my marketing efforts.Now that I’ve read your blog, with all the useful information on the reporting capabilites of Zoho, I’m sure it will be an even more effective tool for me.

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