Online Invoicing Saves Time: A SEO Company Success Story

Cloud invoicing can make it happen. Well,
we all know that Zoho Invoice has helped thousands of freelancers,
small businesses and service providers to simplify their invoicing
processes, but the success story of, a web design and search engine
optimization company based in Singapore finds a special mention here. 

specializes in educating its clients to enhance brand awareness and
guides them on how internet marketing techniques and search
optimization could be deployed to stay ahead of the competition.

Two years back Xaby decided to save time on their invoicing and was exploring the web for an invoicing solution. It found Zoho Invoice through a web search from TechCrunch.

For instance Xaby creates
and sends invoices from a mobile phone and e-mails estimates from a
laptop just after a client meeting. Sounds brilliant, right? That’s the
power of cloud computing and mobile invoicing today. Our invoice software has been
saving considerable amount of time for Xaby for the past two years.

I really love Zoho Invoice’s iPhone app. It helps me to create and send invoices even i’m mobile – Ken Tan, 

said and done, 
the need of
the hour for most of the SEO & SEM companies in the world today is
to help their clients reach its targeted audience in the most 
way. Not only do they achieve their mission but also reduce the spend
on marketing dollars. Most of the Xaby’s clients are multi-nationals
and small businesses based in North America and the Far East.
Some of Xaby’s marquee clients include Lexmark, DBS Bank, Fuji Xerox, Canon, Singapore Technologies Logistics Pte Ltd., Canadian Pizza Soccer Academy etc.,

doesn’t make sense when you advocate on one hand to reduce marketing
expenses for your clients and on the other hand end up spending
considerable time, money and resources on billing your clients.
finds Zoho Invoice to be user friendly and an easy way to bill its clients today.
Prior to using Zoho Invoice, the
Singapore SEO company was using MYOB accounting
software for its invoicing needs. 

thing that Xaby found interesting in Zoho Invoice is the snail mail
feature. It buys snail mail credits and sends paper invoices to its US
customers via USPS. Read the full interview with Mr. Ken Tan of and know why he strongly recommends our online invoice software for any small business owner.

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  1. It is amazing the time online invoicing saves. To be honest, if clients come to us and want to pay by check, we are starting to say no more and more.

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