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What is the Session notes feature in Zoho Assist?

The Session notes in Zoho Assist is a vital feature within our robust suite, facilitating collaboration and efficiency during remote support sessions. With session notes, technicians can document crucial details, actions, and solutions in real-time, ensuring seamless communication and swift issue resolution. These notes include discussions, actions, solutions, and relevant session information, serving as comprehensive documentation for remote assistance sessions.

  • Log into your Zoho Assist account at https://assist.zoho.com
  • Once the remote support session is in process, click on the blue arrow icon on the right side of the webpage.
  • Click on the notes icon in the top-right corner.
  • You can now use the Session notes feature to store crucial information during the support session.

Note: If you didn't take notes during the session, you can still add them by using the prompt that appears when the session ends. You also have the option to add or modify session notes within Zoho Assist.

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Session notes

What else can I do in Zoho Assist?

File transfer

The File transfer feature in Zoho Assist enables a secure, real-time exchange of files between support agents and end users during a remote support session. Users can transfer files of all formats up to 5GB.

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Customization and Rebranding

With Zoho Assist's robust customization, tailor your remote support to reflect your brand, fostering professionalism and engagement. Proudly display your business name, logo, and domain to boost credibility and customer satisfaction.

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Multi-monitor navigation

Zoho Assist streamlines multi-monitor navigation for efficient remote support. With a single click, technicians can seamlessly switch between screens, enhancing the user experience and facilitating issue resolution for customers with multiple monitors.

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Instant chat

Zoho Assist provides chat for instant communication in remote support sessions, enhancing collaboration and problem solving. Equipped with voice and video chat, Assist also enables interactive demos that strengthen customer relationships.

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What are the benefits of using the Session notes feature?

What are the benefits of using the Session notes feature

Analysis and reporting

Session notes can be used to analyze and report on trends, common challenges, and opportunities for improvement in the support process. This data-driven strategy can help organizations optimize support activities and boost customer satisfaction.

Tracking progress

Session notes are useful for monitoring the status of support requests. They include a detailed account of the steps taken, troubleshooting techniques used, and attempted solutions. This can help in understanding the history of a problem and current progress toward resolution.

Continuity of support

When numerous technicians are involved in providing support to a client, session notes ensure continuity of service. If a different technician takes over the support ticket, they can immediately review the session notes to grasp the situation and pick up where the previous technician left off.

Problem resolution

Taking notes during a session can be useful for tracking the progress of problem resolution over time. Documenting the procedures done during each support session allows professionals to discover recurring issues, patterns, or trends—resulting in more efficient problem solving and proactive troubleshooting.

Compliance and auditing

In certain industries, session notes are essential for maintaining compliance with rules and internal guidelines. They maintain accountability for technicians, operate as an audit trail, track changes, identify problems, and record interactions for regulatory purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the session notes feature free to use in Zoho Assist?

The Session notes feature is available with paid editions in Zoho Assist. Learn more about Assist's pricing.

Are the notes secured in Zoho Assist?

Yes, with 256-bit AES and SSL encryption, you can be assured that your notes are secured.

Can I edit the notes?

Yes, you can edit the session notes at the end of the session.

How do I download the notes in Zoho Assist?

Once the session has ended, you can download the notes from the Files or Reports sections in Zoho Assist.

Take control of your support interactions with Zoho Assist's Session Notes: Get started now for smoother troubleshooting!