Remote PC Access Software to access a remote computer, anytime

Zoho Assist, remote PC computer software allows you to configure a PC for remote access and enjoy around-the-clock access.


remote PC access software

Deployment made easy.

Deploy the unattended access application to configure for remote PC access. You can configure individual PCs for unattended access by asking your customer to download and execute the file from the unattended access installer link.With the bulk deployment manager or startup script, you can deploy unattended access for a group of computers in a workgroup or an active directory.

Group computers to stay organized.

Grouping computers makes reaching out to unattended PCs easier. You can sort computers based on their organization, location, operating system, or time zone. You can also move computers from one group to another and rename groups.

Divide your organization internally with Departments.

With departments, compartmentalize your organization based on teams, location, or workgroups. You can manage each division separately by allocating technicians, email templates, contacts, and reports specific to each department.

Wake up offline computers.

Wake on LAN allows you to turn on a remote PC from a completely shutdown state. Once you've turned on a PC using Wake on LAN, you can start remote access and troubleshoot it from wherever you are.

Here are a few functionalities you have in Zoho Assist remote PC access software to help you troubleshoot issues on a remote PC:


Transfer files

Transferring files to and from a remote PC helps you perform functions like troubleshooting, patch installations, and software installations.


Chat instantly

Stay in touch with your customer while remotely controlling the computer using our built-in chat option, rather than resorting to external messaging services.


Add multiple technicians

Some issues might require multiple technicians for troubleshooting, so having a remote computer access software that allows technicians to operate simultaneously is crucial to resolve issues.


Record sessions

Record the screen of the remote PC during a session to look back on the session, create comprehensive audit trails, and to use recordings as training material.



Guide your customers while using the remote computer support tool by using Annotate to mark-up and highlight parts of the screen during a screen sharing session. Zoho Assist provides a drawing tool, a text tool, a rectangular drawing tool, an eraser, and a clear screen option.


Remote power options

You can execute power actions like shutdown, restart, log off, lock, hibernate, or standby on a remote PC without even starting a session.

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