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Features and Pricing Comparison

Compare Zoho Analytics vs Power BI

  • Features
  • Free plan Yes (2 users)Yes (1 user)
  • Maximum file import sizeUnlimited 250 MB
  • Import from Email  
  • Integration with Zoho apps  
  • Integration with third party business apps Limited
  • Data preparation and modelingIn-built - Done using the cloud app Requires a separate desktop client
  • Automatic data blending Limited
  • Automatic data analysis  
  • Pre-built business analytics Limited
  • Share visualizations Both the sender and recipient needs to have Power BI Pro licenses
  • Share using private links  
  • Historical snapshotting  
  • Support costMonthly subscription is
    inclusive of support
    Free support only for
    Power BI Pro users
  • PricingCloud:
    Starts at   for
    2 users/month
    Starts at $20 for 2 users/month
    (but requires other paid Power BI services for sharing, etc).
  •  On-Premise:
    Starts at   for 5 users/month
    Offered as a part of Power BI
    Premium plan for $4,995/month

Don't end up paying higher costs for lesser features

Get the complete Zoho Analytics vs Power BI comparison guide to find out more.

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Why should you switch to Zoho Analytics?

Flexible deployment

Forget complicated deployment models and expensive licensing. With Zoho Analytics, the cost-effective Power BI alternative, you can choose between an easy-to-use, completely cloud-based, or on-premise deployment model without having to purchase additional components. Both the deployment models are independent, which means you can buy either the cloud or the on-premise version, pay for just the number of users you need, and analyze your data with no additional costs involved. 

Simple Tableau alternative with a flexible deployment - Zoho Analytics

Powerful integrations

There's never any need to worry about getting data from any source while you're using Zoho Analytics, even if it is scattered across multiple sources. Effortlessly get data from anywhere and combine them under one roof to get a 360° visibility into your business processes. The powerful analytics engine automatically analyzes your data and provides you with ready-made reports and dashboards instantly. Learn More.

Augmented Analytics

Ask questions and get insights in seconds with our AI-assistant Zia. Zia uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand your data, build powerful reports, and dashboards instantly. With Zia, you can easily generate any business metric without querying or prior technical expertise. Whether it is sales, marketing, finance, or support, Zia understands your data from various domains, relates it to build meaningful visualizations for you. Learn more about Augmented Analytics

Embedded Analytics

ISVs, service providers, business consultants, and solution developers can now quickly implement and offer a fully built BI solution to customers using our powerful Embedded BI and White Labeling options. Seamlessly embed our BI solution into your application/service or host your own analytics portal/website, under your own brand, with fully re-branded reports and dashboards. Learn more about Embedded Analytics.

Collaborative Analytics

Collaborate effortlessly and arrive at smart business decisions without having to purchase multiple components to access business-critical insights. With Zoho Analytics' fine-grained access controls, you can share, comment, and co-author reports and dashboards with anyone in seconds. Publish your reports & dashboards and make them accessible to users with/without logins. Embed them across websites, intranets, blogs, and applications for wider consumption. We understand that businesses vary, and so do their size and needs, which is why Zoho Analytics allows you to pay for just the number of users you need. Learn More about sharing and collaboration.

A free alternative to Tableau with robust sharing and collaboration

Flexible deplyoment

ASAP is an embeddable help center that enables your users to get help right from your website, mobile app, and SaaS product. Not only can they quickly post questions and interact with the user community, they can also browse your knowledge base for helpful articles, chat with Zia, your AI-powered help desk assistant, and raise a ticket if required. Learn More.

Prioritized ticket views

There's never any need to worry when you're using Zoho Desk, even if there is a multitude of tickets asking for your attention. Incoming tickets are automatically arranged in order of priority, due-time, or status so that your agents can focus on responding to the most urgent ones first. Handshake Mode even shows tickets based on CRM data.

Zendesk alternative comparison

Contextual responses

Inside every ticket, your agents can view the history of the ticket and look up every previous interaction they've had. All of this information, along with CRM data about the customer is displayed on one screen. This way, your agents can quickly get the gist of the conversation and understand the customers' needs before they even speak to the customer. This will help them deliver more personalized responses, resulting in happier customers.

Similar to Zendesk - ticket view

Intelligent automations

To ensure that you fulfill all your service level agreements, you can create automations. Every time a ticket's first-response time or first-resolution time is delayed, you stand in danger of making the customer unhappy. With Zoho Desk, all you have to do is to define the triggers and set the escalations, and your team will never miss a ticket again! Learn More.

Zendesk alternate solution response

Save upto 82% by switching to the best Analytics software.

Number of users 25

$875Zoho Analytics
  • "We evaluated many tools. Most others did not qualify our criteria or they did not provide the kind of features we were looking for (e.g. embedding, scheduled emails, re-branding). Zoho Analytics has a comprehensive set of features and the best part is that these features don't cost us zillions of dollars. We chose Zoho Analytics over Power BI because it comes with a better-tiered pricing model."

    Kapil PendseCTO & Product Manager, KAI Square.
  • "We considered Power BI, Tableau, and Looker. Zoho Analytics was better than these products for a company of our size, cost-effective and gets the job done as you want. One of the most prominent features that turned us to use Zoho was their NoSQL support. Apart from this everything worked on SQL which was easily used by our business and tech people."

    María Fernanda CruzCoordinator, Hold Marketing
  • "While building our reports, we were able to pick up the phone and talk to a tech support person immediately to help us with SQL and other issues we had. The result - we were up and running in just a few days. Compared to Tableau which wanted to charge us to build our reports and then required a per-user license fee - Zoho Analytics is super affordable and easy to get up and going with."

    Jeff CairnesCEO, Landmark Reports

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