Departmental Analytics

Analytics is an important function that should go hand-in-hand with any departmental operations. Continuous data collection, analysis and report generation on your operations enables better decision making & provides insights which are crucial for business success. Analytics also provides insights into future business opportunities and your competition.

'Measure' is an important verb in the 4-step-cycle of any business operation, apart from Planning, Execution and Refinement (fine-tuning). 'Measuring' business operations involves both data collection and its analysis for business insights. These insights eventually drive the need for fine-tuning/modifying existing business processes to ensure that we achieve the established business goals.

Zoho Analytics with its on-demand capability for powerful reporting and business intelligence, enables you to effectively 'Measure' your business operations and identify key business insights to achieve your business goals.


Zoho Analytics offers

  • A complete Online Reporting & Business Intelligence service that's accessible anytime and anywhere
  • An easy to adopt, 'spreadsheet-like' interface for data addition and report creation
  • A powerful drag & drop based reporting features for quick report creation and publishing
  • Visual Analysis capability for in-depth analysis and to slice & dice your data
  • A variety of reporting components - Charts, pivot tables, tabular reports and dashboards
  • Data import from a variety of file formats including Excel, Open Office, CSV, TSV and HTML. Also supports periodic scheduling of import
  • Pushing of data from traditional in-house applications and databases with batch tools or API (Application Programming Interface)
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) driven querying for powerful report creation. You can provide your SQL queries written in any of the familiar database dialects, including Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix and ANSI SQL
  • Easy sharing of your reports & collaboration with your colleagues over the web. Reports can be notified via email too
  • Printer-friendly reports
  • Reports that can embedded in your websites, web applications and blogs
  • High security through user login
  • Web APIs to tightly integrate and interact with your business applications
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • Low cost

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