Integrate Zoho Billing With Slack

Integrating Zoho Billing with Slack allows you to easily monitor the Customer Portal activities of your customers in Slack. The notifications that are triggered based on your customers’ actions in the Customer Portal get pushed to your preferred Slack channel.

Scenario: Zylker Corp. uses Slack for internal communication and Zoho Billing for accounting. Their sales team uses the #sales channel on Slack. The team's day-to-day activities involve contacting customers, sending quotes, closing deals, keeping track of sales, etc. All their customers use the Customer Portal to communicate with the company's employees, and it is difficult to view the status of each transaction. In this case, they can set up the Slack integration in Zoho Billing to push all the Customer Portal notifications from Zoho Billing to the respective Slack channel.

When you set up the integration, the following information will be shared with Slack:

Connect to Slack

Here’s how you can integrate Zoho Billing with Slack:

Receive Notifications

Once the integration is set up, you will receive notifications on the selected Slack channel. For example, if your customer rates your service from the Customer Portal, you will immediately receive a notification in Slack with details about the rating.

Slack Integration View

Similarly you will receive the following notifications when your customers:

Disable the integration

Here’s how you can disable the Slack integration:

This will disable the Slack integration in Zoho Billing. You can enable it any time later from Settings, if required.

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