Credit Notes

Credit Note is a document given by the seller to their customer to denote the amount of money they owe to that particular customer. 

Understanding Credit Notes

Credits in Zoho Billing represent the money that you owe your customer. A credit note is issued in the customer’s name in order to keep track of the debt until it’s paid off. The debt remains until it’s refunded or subtracted from the next invoice, which you send to your customer. 

Scenario: Sam owns a stationery store. One of his customers has returned two of the purchased products due to defects in them. Now, Sam owes his customer the money for the products he returned. He will either directly return the money to his customer or deduct it in his future invoices. So he raises a credit note to track this down.

Creating a Credit Note

Learn about creating credit notes from various modules in Zoho Billing.

Closing a Credit Note

Know the ways by which you can close a credit note.

More with Credit Notes

Know about the other actions that can be carried out in the Credit Note module.

Managing Credit Notes

List the credit notes based on your preference.

Credit Note Preferences

Configure Credit Note Preferences

Credit Note Details Report

A consolidated view of the credit notes available in the system

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