Introduction - Quotes

A quote is a proposal that you send to your customers which details all the items and their prices that you are planning to sell to them. After your customer accepts the quote, it can be converted to its subsequent invoice.

Create Quote

To create a quote in Zoho Billing:

New Quote

If you have saved your quote in the Draft status, it would not reflect as part of your sales. To make it active you have to send it to your customer or mark it as sent.

Mark as Accepted

After you send your customer the quote, your customer might agree with it right away or suggest you to make some changes. There are two ways to mark a quote as accepted:

Your customer can directly accept your quote from the Customer Portal.


You can manually mark it as accepted. Here’s how:

Mark as Accepted

Mark as Declined

If your customer doesn’t approve the quote, and you’re also convinced that the quote cannot be iterated any further, you can mark it as declined.

To mark a quote as declined:

Import Quotes

Another way to add quotes to Zoho Billing is to import them. You can import the quotes you have in your system in the CSV, TSV, or XLS format.

To import quotes:

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