Quick Launch from Desktop Plug-In

Get quick access to online meetings from your own desktop. You can login to Zoho Meeting account from desktop without launching web browser and manage meetings like start meeting, join meeting, view scheduled meetings or even resuming your previous meeting from your desktop using Zoho Meeting Desktop Plug-In.

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desktop plugin

What do you get?

  • Effective meeting management right from your desktop.
  • Schedule meetings from your desktop.
  • Start instant meeting without launching browser.
  • Resume your previous meeting just with a single click.
  • Easy handling of meetings for frequent users.

Business Scenario

Marketing & Sales Executive
Being Marketing or Sales Executive, you may need to conduct online meetings very frequently in a day. It will be hard and time consuming to go to web browser each time to conduct meeting. Quickly access the meetings from your desktop and deliver your product demos.
Executive Training
As a Executive Trainer, you will be providing training session each hour to different people around the world. Each time you don't have to go to web browser for conducting online training session. Conduct online training directly from your desktop.
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