ZeptoMail Integrations

ZeptoMail offers integrations with various applications.To view the integrations available within your account :

  1. Login to your ZeptoMail account.
  2. Find the Integrations widget on the right hand side.
  3. Click it to view all the application containing the ZeptoMail plugin.

The following integrations are available for your ZeptoMail account :

Zoho Apps

  • Zoho flow
    Zoho flow helps you create and execute workflows for the repeated tasks performed in your application. It works on a trigger and action model where, for a set trigger, an action will be executed. ZeptoMail's integration with Zoho flow allows you to send transactional emails as a result of a particular trigger. The help page here will help you get started with the Zoho flow integration.

  • Zoho CRM:
    Zoho CRM allows you to handle all your sales related activity in a single place. Using the ZeptoMail integration, you can send transactional emails to your leads/ clients, search and filter through the logs within your CRM dashboard. Refer our guide on getting started with connecting your CRM account with ZeptoMail.

Content Management Applications

  • WordPress :
    WordPress is an open-source content management platform using which you can build your websites and applications. If you have a self-hosted WordPress account, you can connect it with ZeptoMail to send your transactional emails. Our document here will help you integrate your WordPress account with ZeptoMail and start sending out emails.
  • Joomla!
    Joomla! is a content management application that you can use to host your websites or applications. You can integrate ZeptoMail with your paid Joomla! account to send out your transactional emails directly from your website or application. Refer our help document to start using ZeptoMail's services in your Joomla! account.

Workflow Applications

  • Zapier :
    Zapier is a popular workflow automation service that is used to create flows and automate the working between different applications. Zapier consists of zaps which is a combination of trigger and actions. These zaps enable you to connect one web app with another web app. You can use Zapier to connect ZeptoMail with various applications. Our guide here will help you connect with ZeptoMail and create efficient workflows.
  • Microsoft Power Automate :
    Microsoft Power Automate is an automation tool that lets you create workflows between your applications. Microsoft provides different flows depending on your working model. You can create and execute flows from your desktop, over the cloud or within your organisation. You can use ZeptoMail to create and execute flows according to your needs. Refer our help document here to get started with the integration.


    WHMCS is a client management tool which automates the provisioning of the services offered by you. Any purchase a client makes of your services will be added as section within the WHMCS dashboard, which then can be used to monitor the activities. The transactional emails related to the purchase and other activities can sent using ZeptoMail. Get started with connecting ZeptoMail with WHMCS with our help guide here.
  • Bubble.io
    Bubble is a no code platform that allows you to build applications. They have a variety of features that help you build both web as well as mobile applications. You can use ZeptoMail to send transactional emails to your clients from the applications you build. Get to know how you can use ZeptoMail to send transactional emails from your Bubble account here.