You asked. We’re delivering. Writer can now work internet-free, so you can take your laptops to places without connectivity—like a running train or a long flight—and continue writing uninterrupted.

From creating documents to storing or sharing them, Writer was designed to be your powerful word processor on the cloud. However, we’re aware that it’s sometimes difficult to stay connected all the time—looking for a stable public Wi-Fi can be a hassle when you’re just trying to get work done.

We’ve been hard at work bringing you the same amazing Writer experience offline, and today, we’re delighted to show you what we’ve come up with. Writer now lets you create, edit, and save documents offline, across all your devices!

How it works

The flow is pretty straight-forward. Writer switches to an offline mode as soon as it detects connectivity loss. You can continue editing and creating documents, or even close the tabs when you’re done—Writer saves everything automatically. Once you’re reconnected, all that work you did offline syncs to your account in a snap!

Setting it up—as easy as it gets

On the web version, all you have to do is to enable Writer Offline from the dashboard. Twenty of your most recent documents will be taken offline straight away, and new documents you create will follow suit. Writer’s iOS and Android apps skip this setup process completely, as they come offline-enabled out of the box.

To enable Writer Offline on the web, go to > Offline, and click on Enable Writer Offline.

Apart from your recent documents, individual documents can be taken offline as well. And if you haven’t noticed already, Writer Offline works with all major browsers—not just Google Chrome!

We’re also rolling out Writer Offline for Zoho Sync soon. This will let users access and edit their Writer documents (.zdoc) offline, directly from the Finder/Explorer.

That’s all for now. We truly believe this update makes Writer the perfect writing companion you can take with you wherever you go. Imagine how much work you can get done during those crazy-long flights!

And as always, let us know how you like this update in the comment section below, or by posting in the Writer Community.

Happy writing!

Make Zoho do more for you: You can now use Writer, along with Sheet and Show, as part of our cloud office suite and other collaboration tools by signing up for Zoho Workplace or for Zoho One.

Rakeeb Rafeek
Product Marketer
  1. Rui

    How about the Android app? Does it support this feature as well?


  2. Vanessa

    Wow! This is great news! Thank you for continuing to improve zoho products. When do you think zoho writer will be available with zoho sync?

  3. J

    I have a few suggestions for Zoho Writer….
    1: let me just say that it is AWESOME.
    2: Add more customization.
    3: Make it DOWNLOADABLE because it can be a pain to always work in the cloud.
    4: Make images be able to MOVE more FREELY, like no INLINE, or anything as an OPTION.
    5: Keep up the great work Zoho! NICE JOB!

  4. boss


  5. Ushang ikwen

    I want to work offline

  6. Ali

    Now I have fallen for this writer as never before!

  7. Sam

    Great work! Please add the option to publish blog posts to Zoho sites using Writer. I know you have a WordPress integration already.

    • Rakeeb Rafeek

      Thank you, Sam! We’re working with the Sites team to get the option out soon. Will keep you posted. =]

  8. Tarek Wanas

    Fantastic news! Fantastic work! This truly has a positive impact on my work.

    • Rakeeb Rafeek

      Thank you, Tarek! Really happy it’s helping you work better. That was the goal! 🙂