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Zoho Docs for Desktop

Keep your files in sync, backed up and available wherever you are. Zoho Docs for Desktop lets you sync files securely from your Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux computers.

Instant File Sync

Syncing files between Zoho Docs cloud application and your desktop is fast and convenient. You can simply drag and drop files into Zoho Docs folder on your desktop and it automatically syncs online and to any other computer linked to your account.

Two-Way Synchronization

Zoho Docs allows you to sync all your files from cloud to desktop and vice-versa. Any changes that you make to a file on your desktop will reflect online and on other computers too. You will have the same folder on cloud and across all of your computers at the same time.

Choose what you Sync

With Zoho Docs selective sync, you can choose to sync only the most important or recent project folders you need to access from anywhere. Each one of your computers can have a different set of folders synced based on your priorities.

Work on your Files Offline

With this new sync option you can easily work on files from your desktop, even when you're offline. You can edit or delete contents from files present in Zoho Docs folder and see them automatically synced when you go online. Documents created using Zoho Docs online editors can be accessed only when you are online.

Get your Team in Sync

Zoho Docs extends the boundaries of collaboration by letting you sync shared folders. Any changes made to a document in the shared folder instantly syncs across all computers giving you and your team, access to the latest version of the document; be it on the cloud or desktop.

Sharing Large Files Made Easy

No more hassles of bulk email attachments and file-size restrictions. Zoho Docs lets you share large files easily with your colleagues, partners and customers. You can simply add any number of files into your Zoho Docs folder and get them shared across effortlessly.

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