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Zoho Subscriptions is a subscription billing software solution built for simplicity. Keeping track of the customers, billing cycles, tax compliance, and payments of your subscription business can eat up valuable hours and funds. Zoho Subscriptions takes care of all these processes and more. This is recurring billing done right.

Zoho Subscriptions Dashboard

Why Choose Zoho Subscriptions?

Flexible Billing with Zoho Subscriptions

Flexible billing

Billing is automatic with Zoho Subscriptions. Customize your billing cycles with options such as calendar and metered billing. Zoho Subscriptions handles your taxation while applying proration when plan changes occur, saving you precious time and calculations.

Recurring billing
Secure Checkout with Zoho Subscriptions

Secure checkout

Zoho Subscriptions enriches your customers' checkout experience with secure PCI-DSS-compliant hosted payment pages and widgets for checkout and pricing. These pages and widgets are highly customizable and easy to embed.

Hosted payment pages
Customizable reports with Zoho Subscriptions

Customizable reports

Vital metrics such as Churn Rate and MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) can keep your subscription business moving in the right direction through informed decisions. Customize a variety of essential reports and tax summaries, and view them quickly on our intuitive dashboard.

Subscription metrics
Seamless Payments with Zoho Subscriptions

Seamless payments

Collecting payments securely is a huge priority for any industry. With multiple payment gateways including Stripe and PayPal, support for international currencies, and a dunning system that you can rely on, Zoho Subscriptions makes collecting payments simple.

Recurring payments
Extensive plan management with Zoho Subscriptions

Extensive plan management

We know that more plans equals more options for your customers. Personalize every aspect of your plans, from popular pricing models like tiered and per-user pricing to the individual plan provisions. Offer free trials, add-ons, and coupons to make that deal just a tad sweeter.

Comprehensive subscription management
Extensive plan management with Zoho Subscriptions
Dedicated customer portal with Zoho Subscriptions

Dedicated customer portal

It's always good to keep your customers informed. Through our specialized customer portal, you can provide a single interface for your customers to access, edit, and manage their subscriptions and information. They can even make payments and write spontaneous reviews directly in the portal.

Customer portal
Comprehensive automation with Zoho Subscriptions

Comprehensive automation

Your to-do list is big enough already. Keep your recurring tasks in check by automating your invoicing, reminders, and notifications. Create workflows to track when and where subscription-related events occur, and respond to them without lifting a finger.

Subscription billing automation
Comprehensive automation with Zoho Subscriptions

Make Zoho Subscriptions your own

Freedom in operation with Zoho Subscriptions

Freedom in operation

Zoho Subscriptions has an open API that anyone can develop on, making it both flexible and scalable. Customize functions, personalize fields, and even set your own domain name instead of ours. Build your product on our foundation.

Effective integrations with Zoho Subscriptions

Effective integrations

Zoho Subscriptions is built to make connections. We support integrations with major third-party apps such as Slack and Zendesk, which allow your teams to work in collaboration. Our integration with Zapier gives you access to more than 2,000 web applications to create the workflows you need.

The Zoho Ecosystem

Let Zoho Books handle your accounting, use Zoho CRM to follow your leads, and communicate through Zoho Cliq and Zoho Mail, while apps like Zoho Creator, Zoho Flow, and Zoho Analytics offer more customization options for you to explore.

Reliable Support with Zoho Subscriptions

Reliable support, every step of the way

Our dedicated support team is available 24 hours a day, Monday-Friday, by phone, email, and chat. Right from the onboarding process, we're there to guide you. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions, which help us grow with you.

Zoho Subscriptions - Billing On The Road

Zoho Subscriptions is available for iOS and Android so you don't have to leave your billing at your desk while you travel.
Subscription billing app for android and iOS | Zoho Subscriptions

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Message from CEO

Zoho is a software company that ships 45+ products globally. Operating on a subscription pricing model for more than 20 years has given us the opportunity to face and overcome the practical pain points of subscription businesses. Let us solve your subscription billing challenges, together.

Sridhar Vembu

CEO, Zoho Corporation

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