Email Templates

Zoho Payroll gives you the ability to customize the content of an email, which is generated by the system, in the form of customizable email templates.

You can add any additional information and also a bit of flair, if you wish, to the content of the email which will be sent.

Zoho Payroll uses Email Templates in the following scenarios:

  • When sending a User Invite.
  • When sending a Payslip Notification.
  • When sending an Employee Invitation.
  • When sending a Full & Final Settlement Payslip Notification.

Edit Email Templates

To edit these Email Templates:

  1. Go to Settings and click Email Templates. You will be able to see the templates for the scenarios mentioned above.
  2. Click the Edit icon located to the right of the template you want to modify. You will be redirected to a page that displays the following fields:
    Fields Description
    Sender If you have multiple users, you can select the default email address which will appear in the From section of the outgoing email.
    Subject You can customize the text in the Subject line, here.
    Body 1. You can customize the content of the email here.
    2. You can use HTML tags to incorporate any hyperlinks and images.
    3. If there is any piece of text that changes with context, such as Employee name for instance, you can use placeholders.
  3. Once youโ€™re done customizing the template, click Save.

List of Placeholders

Below is a list of placeholders you can use in email templates. These are used to display the relevant data on a case-by-case basis.

Placeholder Description
%InviteUserName% This displays the name of the Invitee.
%InviteUserEmail% This displays the email address of the Invitee
%UserName% This displays the name of the User sending the email.
%CompanyName% This displays the name of the Organization.
%InviteUserLink% This displays the link which the user has to click to accept the invitation.
%EmployeeName% This displays the name of the Employee.
%PayPeriod% This displays the Pay Period of a payslip.
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