How does Zoho Books handle currency exchange rates for transactions involving foreign currencies?

Zoho Books automatically takes care of the important currency related aspects by offering automatic exchange rate feeds for your currencies and ensuring that your reports are always generated in your base currency.

You can also enter the exchange rates for a currency manually. First you’ll have to disable exchange rate feeds. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings and navigate to Currencies under Organisation.
  • Click Disable Exchange Rate Feeds at the top.
  • Click Disable in the pop-up that follows for confirmation.

Once your exchange rate feeds gets disabled, you can manually enter exchange rates. To enter exchange rates manually:

  • Go to Settings and navigate to Currencies under Organisation.
  • Ensure that the exhange rate feeds are disabled.
  • Hover over the currency for which you want to add an exchange rate and click view exchange rates next to it.
  • Click + Add Exchange Rate at the top-right.
  • Enter the Date and Exchange Rate in the pop-up that follows.
  • Click Save to proceed.

You can delete exchange rate at any time by hovering through the exchange rate and clicking Delete next to it.

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