How do I add a new reminder?

You can add a new reminder to alert your customers to make payments for their pending invoices and remind the users in your organization, including yourself, about outstanding bill payments.

To create a new reminder:

  • Go to Settings in the top right corner of the page.
  • Click Reminders under Reminders & Notifications.
  • Click the Invoices tab if you want to create reminders for your customer’s invoices, or click the Bills tab if you want to create reminders for your overdue bills.
  • Head to the Automated Reminders section.
  • Click + New Reminder under Reminders Based on Due Date. A pop-up will be displayed.
  • Name your reminder and pick the recipients from the dropdown.

Note: The recipients vary based on the transaction for which you create a reminder. For an invoice, it could be just you, the customer, or both. For a bill, it could be just yourself or the users of your organization.

  • Set the duration for the reminder to be sent. This could be either before or after the payment due date.
  • Choose the From address and make changes in the content if required.
  • Mark the box next to Enable this Reminder to turn it on.
  • Click Save.

A reminder will be triggered to the customer to prompt them about their outstanding payments for invoices or to the users of the organization about their upcoming/overdue payments for bills.

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